Runnergirl Training: Refueling While Working Out

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Refueling While Working Out

This article by an R.D. explains how to determine your body's calorie needs during a workout/race.

My personal favorites to have during a race are:

Sport Beans (made with & without caffeine)
Shot Bloks (made with & without caffeine)
Gatorade & Powerade  (full strength options & not cut with water)
Gatorade Prime


  1. I am lucky that I can eat almost anything while running. If there was an aid station that handed out chili cheese dogs I would take one.

    Nonetheless, my regular long run food is PowerBar harvest bars. I also like the shot blocks, gu, or anything that is easy to eat quickly.

  2. @Greg Good comment! A chili dog? haha I'm a huge fan of Shot Bloks & Sport Beans!


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