How Many Calories Are In Fast Food?

Dining out & need to know how to select the most healthy options? Use this great guide!

Will I Be Last?

If you are running a race, will you be last? Check the odds of that occurring!

Dynamic Leg Warm Up

Use this routine to prepare for lower body exercise.

Truth About Toning Shoes

Can the toning shoes really assist in weight loss as they claim? Check out this research study.

Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Trying to lose weight? Try these quick & easy ways to cut 100 calories!

Does Metabolism Slow Down With Age?

Does your body's metabolism slow down with age? This article sheds light on the topic.

A Salty Habit

How much salt should you eat a day? What benefits does salt offer your body? Find out here!

5 Abs Exercises

Bored with your abs routine? Here are a few fresh ideas!

Pesticides - What's On My Food

Pesticides on our food? What exactly is on food & what do the chemicals do to your body? Read here & the list is on the right side of the page.

The 18 Minute Workout

Here is a great total body workout for when time is running short! Get it here!

Fresh Summer Fruit

Need a few tasty ideas to spruce up your snacks? Try this article for inspiration to use fruit in your recipes!

Yoga Workout

Need a low key workout to stretch out those exhausted muscles? Try this one to feel re-energized!

Race Calculator

Ever wish that you had a running coach to help determine your projected race finish time? Here you go!

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