Giveaway - Momentum Jewelry

momentum jewelry inspirational athletic

Momentum Jewelry is teaming up with me to have a giveaway!! You get to select from their vast array of beautiful & fun pieces! See the rules below the selections!

Product Review: Inspirational Momentum Jewelry

momentum jewelry wrap bracelet inspirational

written by runnergirl training 

Momentum Jewelry is a company who offers beautiful hand made inspirational athletic-inspired jewelry. They bring together fun colors and textures with their metal inspirational quotes and stretchy fabric or leather wrist wraps. They also offer shoe add-ons called Footnotes! Read more below!

Product Review: Rad Rounds Massage Spheres

massage ball foam rolling Rad Rounds sphere

written by runnergirl training

Rad Rounds are a functional tool for self-massage or foam rolling for small areas. They are offered in a variety of sizes and are specifically made to target around joints. Their silicone surface & density is perfect for massage and won’t give under bodyweight. See more below!

The Virtual Race Calendar

the virtual race calendar 5k 10k half marathon holiday medals charity grind for life virtual running club

written by runnergirl training

Have you heard of virtual races? You can find out more in depth here. Basically, they are races that you sign up for online & the company mails you the race medal & race bib number. You can run, walk or cycle and they offer a variety of distances. See more below!

What's A Virtual Race

virtual race medals running walking the virtual race calendar medals 5k 10k half marathon holiday charity virtual running club

written by runnergirl training

Have you heard about a new racing craze called virtual racing? It is where you sign up online for a race & then are mailed the race number bib and medal. Participants are able to walk, run & cycle for the races. They vary in distance from 5k to marathon. Read more below!

Heart Rate Training Zones

heart rate training zones running exercise fitness workout fat burn aerobic

written by runnergirl training

Heart rate training is a way to exercise while using heart rate to measure the level of intensity. Heart rate is measured by wearing a heart rate monitor. It reflects how hard your heart is working to indicate the level of difficulty. There are different ways to calculate exercise heart rate and charts to show the corresponding intensity. Read more below!

Product Review: Fitness Trackers & Running Watches

fitness trackers running watches product review

written by runnergirl training

This is my fitness trackers and running watches review. It is limited in scope since it is only the products that I have personally purchased and owned. Let’s discuss the products as two groups; fitness trackers and fitness watches. I have made the reviews straightforward with quick pros and cons lists. Read my review below!

7 Ways To Keep Motivated For Workouts

workout motivation online personal training

written by runnergirl training

Sometimes motivation for workouts can be lacking. Check out these 7 ways to keep moving! See more below!

When to Take A Rest Day

rest day off recover relax running fitness exercise program design

written by runnergirl training

We as workout enthusiasts spend a lot of time and energy focused on our workouts and nutrition. We often forget there is another key component to a well-balanced training plan. It’s called rest. That is when the body recovers from all of the punishments of training. See more below!

Product Review: Fooducate App

fooducate app review product nutrition online personal training

written by runnergirl training

Fooducate is a free mobile app nutrition log. It gives graphs of nutritional intake, recipes, nutrition tips & a community of support. See more below!

The Back Stretch Bunch

back stretches sockwell compression socks
all socks are Sockwell compression socks

written by runnergirl training

Back muscles frequently are tight and shortened from the excessive sitting we require of them (office, car, couch, etc). Having loosened back muscles can make such a difference to your posture, flexibility & pain relief. Try the following back stretches to loosen up a bit. See more below!

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