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Q & A - Running Intensity Levels

written by runnergirl training

What's the purpose of various intensity levels in a running program. Also, does sweating a lot means that the calorie burn is high?

There are different paces & intensity levels when exercising. For example, in a running program, there should be a LSD (long slow distance) run (50-60% perceived exertion level), tempo run (70-80% perceived exertion level), speed work (90-100% perceived exertion level). Energy systems (stored carbs, fats, & blood sugar) will all be used in these intensities. The amount they will be used varies based upon exertion level & heart rate. Water loss (through sweat) is an independent factor from calorie burn. The heat & humidity will increase the sweat rate tremendously. Make sure to pre-hydrate & re-hydrate!

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