Treadmill Workouts

Want some new treadmill workouts? Check out this video for inspiration.

Treadmill Hill Workouts

Want to get an effective hill workout on the treadmill? Try these workouts!

Importance of Cross Training

Cross training will benefit any running (or other exercise) program. See why!

10 Minute Workout Boost

Try this energy boosting 10 minute workout!

What Nutrients Do You Need in Foods

So many foods are fortified. How do you know if you are getting too little or too much of certain nutrients? See this guide.

Jump Start Your Health & Fitness Routine

Needs some fresh ways to jump start your daily heath & fitness routine? Try these suggestions!

Abs & Arms Exercises

Looking for exercises to target your abs & arms? These are effective exercises that incorporate both muscle groups.

Eat More Colors

Healthy & balanced eating habits include eating a variey of colors. Do you need to add more colors?

Yoga Inspired Stretch After Workout

Try these yoga inspired stretchs following a run.

Workout at Work

How can you sneak in exercises throughout the workday? Try this sneak attack plan!

Eat Peaches!

What should you have as a snack today? Have a peach!

Get Your Hips in Shape

Strong & flexible hip muscles are important, especially for running. Make sure that your hips are in good shape!

Heat Index Chart

When does the heat outside become dangerous? Check out this information & heat index chart.

What's in Shampoo?

Ever wonder what the chemicals are in our everyday health & personal care products? This website is a database that shows what chemicals are in most products. It also alerts about potential health hazards.

Rev Up Your Metabolism!

Need to get your metabolism moving? Try these tips! Use this calorie blasting plan!

Running Posture Check

How do you know if you are running with correct posture to allow for your best performance? Use this as a guide to check your movements.

The Vending Machine!

Why is the vending machine the office enemy? Find out why & what you can do to side step the pitfall.

What To Wear....What To Wear.....

Ever wish that you could use an online calculator to determine what to wear on race (or training) days? it is, just for you!

Fun Salad Ideas!

Interested in ways to bring fresh ideas to your usual salad selections? Try a few of these fun ideas!

Cardio Options

Looking for a list of common cardio exercise options? Use this list to find an activity that is new & fun! This will help revive your workout routine!

The Dreaded Side Stitch

You were most likely working out & minding your own business when the dreaded side stitch arrived. It can ruin your entire workout (or race)! What cases it & how to get rid of it can be found here.

Abs Workout

Back Sculpting Workout

Strong back muscles are essential to keeping correct posture all through the day (work, working out, etc). Try this easy & at home back routine.

Weight Gain From Quitting Smoking

This article answers questions about quitting the habit & offers a no-excuse plan!

Snacks - Before & After Workouts

Nutrition timing plays an important role in health & wellness as well as athletic performance. These suggestions should help take the guess work out of snacks.

Calorie Calculator

Looking for a way to determine about how many calories that you need to be eating to reach your health & fitness goals? Try this one!

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