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Cardio & Muscle Gain

By Runnergirl Training 
Cardio or aerobic training provides a variety of health benefits and is a necessary component to any training program. The type of goal differentiates the type, duration and intensity level of the cardio training.

Hal Higdon's 30/30 Plan

Try Hal Higdon's 30/30 program for beginner runners here.

How Calories Work

written by runnergirl training

Ever wonder what a calorie means? We all seem to either counting, watching & burning them. But what is it that we are really talking about when we mention calories?

Energy Systems Used In Running

Written By Runnergirl Training
Energy systems used during running varies depending upon several factors including intensity, duration, recent calorie intake, etc. Let's take a look at how each system is called into action. 
Clark and Lucett (2009) show distance running to be ten percent ATP/CP, twenty percent glycolysis, and seventy percent oxidative (aerobic) energy systems. All three energy systems contribute at the start of exercise but the contribution depends upon the individual, the effort applied or on the rate at which energy is used (Mackenzie, 1998).
Mackenzie (1998) describes the following energy systems used during running:
ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate: a complex chemical compound formed with the energy released from food and stored in all cells, particularly muscles. Only from the energy released by the breakdown of this compound can the cells perform work. The breakdown of ATP produces energy and ADP.
CP - Creatine Phosphate: a chemical compound stored in muscle, which wh…

15k Training Programs

Training for a 15k race? Check out Hal Higdon's training program here.

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