Product Review - Tommie Copper Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

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written by runnergirl training

Tommie Copper makes a variety of athletic compression clothing. Their unique incorporation of copper in their products assists the recovery and health of various body systems.

They provided me with a long sleeve compression shirt to try out and review. I was impressed with the fit, comfort, and qualities of the shirt. I wore it on a 10 mile run and weather was 38 degrees F and breezy. The shirt was extremely effective in wicking moisture and drying in the sunlight. It kept me warm and the compression worked to keep the blood flowing back to my core.

I have tried a few brands of compression shirts previously and have been disappointed with their moisture wicking, warmth, and comfort. I highly recommend checking out the Tommie Copper long sleeve shirt.

I also own their calf compression sleeves, see my review for them. They are effective at eliminating leg fatigue and swelling while running or walking around for many hours (work, travel). I also highly recommend them!

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