Vegan at Walt Disney World in Florida

Looking for vegan or vegetarian options while at running or playing at Walt Disney World in Florida? Here is an excellent resource!

Product Review: RaceDots


written by runnergirl training

Have you ever been frustrated with pining a race bib to your performance clothing and wondered why there isn’t a simpler way to attach the race bib without the use of pins? Well, enter RaceDots to the rescue!

These are a set of super strong magnets that clip to the top and back of the race bib. Gone are the days of torn performance clothing due to race day safety pins. This is genius! Many times I have ripped a hole in my shirt as my hand caught the edge of the race bib while running.

RaceDots stay securely in place and the race bib doesn’t move or slip down your clothing. You can select from a variety of designs to match your personality or race theme.

You should check them out for yourself so you’ll no longer be dealing with unfortunate and preventable holes in expensive performance clothes! You'll be wondering why it took you so long to find them.

For my unbiased review RaceDots graciously provided me with a set to review. I liked them so much I purchased another set myself!


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