Wasa Crackers

A great snack! These crackers are very nutritious and can be eaten with a variety of toppings (low fat cheese, fruit, etc). Check them out!

Take It Outside!

Here are fun ideas to take your workout outside! 

Hal Higdon

Some great running training programs can be found at Hal Higdon's site.

3 Day Food Log

It is difficult to estimate the amount of and type of calories consumed. A useful tool is a 3 day diet recall. Write down everything that you eat for 3 days. That allows you to see where to make changes.

Print off a 3 day food log.

Then compare it with this calorie calculator.

Got Pronation?

If you hang around at the gym or road races very long, you will hear people tossing around the term pronation. What exactly does that mean? Click here to find out!

Post Workout Refueling

Here is a great article about post workout nutrition. See the chart for specific examples!

Fitness Calculators

Exercisers need a way to check their progress along the way to achieving their goals. Some great tools for that are calculators. Give them a whirl!  

NSCA Podcasts

Looking for some insight into various fitness/sports conditioning topics? Check out these NSCA podcasts.

Fuel for Before and After a Workout

Should you eat before a run? See this suggestion. Try these tips for food to eat & to avoid.  

Heat Index

Does the combination of temperature & humidity make an impact on your body while exercising? It is certainly possible. Consult this chart to see if it is safe for outdoor workouts.


I am updating this blog with different facets of marathon training. The information I post is from my own training and background. I hope you find it helpful! Keep training!

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