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Drop Weight to Run Faster?

Will dropping weight make you run faster?

New Balance

Various shoe brands offer their unique benefits. New Balance is known for having a variety of shoe widths & depths to fit the different shapes of feet. Check out their sizing guide to see if their technology would benefit you!

How Much Caffeine?

Do you know how much caffeine is in your favorite energy drink? You might be surprised!

Ouch! Headaches...

Headaches are terrible. Here is some helpful information behind them & what to do when they attack.

What is a Tempo Run?

What is a tempo run? How to add them to a running program.

Dizzy During/After Exercise

Wonder why you may become dizzy (light headed) during or after exercise & need to know what to do for it? Here are some more ideas for resolving it.

Online Running Store

Looking for a comprehensive, online running store? I've shopped at Road Runner Sports & had a positive experience. Their product inventory is quite large!

Signs Of Dehydration

What are the signs of dehydration? Why is it important to prevent its occurrence?

Product Review - Kashi Berry Blossoms Cereal

I have tried the new Kashi Berry Blossoms cereal. I like it. I'm on my second box in 2 weeks. It is the Kashi squares with a light taste of berry. Not too sweet. I give it 2 thumbs up!

Smoothie Recipes

Quick & easy smoothie recipes!

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics - Not Just "Cosmetics"

What ingredients are in the health & personal hygiene products that we use every day? You might be surprised! Check out more info at The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

How To Start A Walking Program

Wondering how to begin a walking program? Check out these steps to get you stepping!

What To Eat After A Run

Why Buy Organic & Local

What are the benefits to buying food that is organic & locally grown? Dr. Jamie Kane explains here.

You can also follow him on Twitter @drjamiekane.

Glutes Exercises

Great glutes exercises here!

How Fit Are Your Choices?

Do you make healthy decisions everyday? Take this quiz to find out!

What's With Lettuce?

Let us check out lettuce's nutritional value in romaine and iceberg!

Tips for Dining Out

Know the healthiest options when dining out? Check out these tips!

Will You Qualify for Boston?

New qualifying times for the Boston Marathon. The current & new times are here.


A safe method for keeping a form of ID on while exercising outside is RoadID. You can also follow them on Twitter @RoadID.

I use it & recommend this product as a fitness professional, athlete, & paramedic!

Nutrients Needed for Energy

Feeling sluggish? Are you getting these 5 important nutrients?

Runnergirl Training is List on Running

My blog is being featured here on a list of running blogs!

Fun Abs Routine

Try this fun & effective abs routine!

12 Foods To Buy Organic

Why & what to buy organic?

Form Running Drills

Form running drills will improve running economy/efficiency.

Fun & Easy Circuit

Need a fun way to break out of a workout rut? Try this fun circuit!

How Much Water?

How do you know how much water to drink everyday? Check this guide & this easy calculator.

Front & Reverse Lunges

Looking to switch up the usual lunge routine? Try a combination front & reverse lunges.

My Personal Favorite Running Training Programs

Hal Higdon offers well balanced race training programs. I personally have used them for years for various distances of road races.

Follow him on Twitter @higdonmarathon

Ways To Burn Off Extra Calories

Looking for ways to burn off extra calories?

Portion Control Gadget

Do you know portion sizes?

It's a Wrap!

Hungry? This is a tasty veggie, egg, & bean wrap!

Facebook Page

Let's connect on Facebook!

Your Brain On Exercise

Check out this article that shows how the brain responds to exercise.


Clementines are a power packed piece of fruit! See why they have amazing nutritional content.

What Do You Love About Your Body?

This article helps you to consider the aspects that you love about your body! It is possible!

Yoga App

This is a fun & easy yoga app to use! Check it out!

Warmup for Lower Body

Video by PJStahlFitness.

To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse?

Check out this WebMD article for more insight on colon cleanses.

Eat This: Winter Foods

Quick video about a winter food with big benefits!

Dr. Jamie Kane

Interesting video by Dr Jamie Kane & his wife. You can follow him on his Twitter @drjamiekane .

Loading Rate in Running Article

Interesting article regarding the loading rate in running & injuries.

Express Circuit Workout

Quick & Easy way to burn calories is this fun circuit!

Abs Workouts

Two great abs routines! One uses a Swiss ball. The other uses unique variations of typical abs exercises.

Ideas to Lose 1 lb / Week

Easy to-do list about ideas to lose 1 lb in 1 week!

Leg Training!

Great leg routine here!

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