Product Review: Chattanooga ColPac Ice Pack

written by runnergirl training

This is a product review for a product which I personally purchased and received no compensation.

Ever need a reusable ice pack after working out & you’re tire of making due with those small bean shaped ice packs from the pharmacy? Enter the Chattanooga ColPac ice pack. I stumbled upon this ice cold gem from my physical therapist. It is a heavy duty get-the-job-done ice pack! The outer material is thick and is designed not to leak like the aforementioned smaller ice packs. It stays COLD and will still be cold after your 5-15 minutes of icing session is up.

It is very moldable to fit different joints or locations to be iced. You can even fold it up when storing in the freezer.

I personally purchased mine from Amazon and received it quickly. I can’t believe I muddle through pathetic wimpy ice packs all these years until finding the Chattanooga ColPac ice pack!

I highly recommend you do yourself a huge favor and purchase this outstanding product too! By the way, the Amazon product link is just that & I am not affiliated with Amazon or Chattanooga ColPac in any way.

Race Review: Dallas Oncor Mayor's 5k Race 2015

written by runnergirl training

The Dallas Oncor Mayor’s 5k Race is a run that precedes the Dallas Marathon by one day and is part of the race weekend festivities. For runners who have run the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot you will recognize the familiar course.  There are a few gradual inclines (read baby hills) in the downtown area as the race begins. After the race makes the turn around point runners catch a great view of the Dallas skyline.

The race was not overly crowded as the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot has become in recent years. This race draws a significant population from elementary schools and therefor has children haphazardly bobbing in and out of the running throng. If you are a runner looking to PR keep in mind this race has more children than any other race I have participated in the Dallas area. I encourage kids to be active as much as the next person, however serious runners may see this race aspect as a potential drawback. If you are looking for a race to do with your kids though this is the ideal one for you!

All in all this is a decent race. I personally would probably pass due to the maneuverability through crowds of kids stopping, starting, moving chaotically is too distracting for me. But it is less crowded than the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot so it gets a plus for that reason!

Product Review: Lululemon Trail Bound 1/2 zip & tights

written by runnergirl training

This is a product review for the Lululemon Trail Bound 1/2 zip pullover & tights. I purchased them myself and am doing this review without any compensation.

I have used both items for trail hiking & running, cycling and road running. I love the fact they are snag resistant and have inadvertently tested that on several trails! They wick sweat great and are nice layering pieces or worn alone.

The pullover top has a pocket to stash small items, thumb holes & reflective detailing. The pants are a 7/8 length which hits right above the ankle. They have amazing side pockets that hold a cell phone, flashlight, keys & mace. I love these pockets!

Hope this review encourages you to try a few new pieces of Lululemon in your rotation. I am really glad I made the investment in pieces that give such versatility! 

Product Review - Legend Loop

written by runnergirl training

Legend Wearable is an amazing company who offers the Legend Loop, a phone armband for running and exercise. It accommodates up to a 5.5 inch smartphone. The unique design includes a loop on the back which fastens closed.

I found it easy to use for running (outdoor & treadmill) and gym workouts. I liked the concept of it not being too small or too big since the loop closure eliminates the sizing guesswork! It is also easy to clean after sweaty workouts.

It is very lightweight and you hardly notice it. I especially loved the key pocket on the back! Any product that offers such versatility is worth the investment.

I highly recommend to check out their product today! Let me know what you think after you give it a whirl.

Thanks to Legend Wearable for the Legend Loop armband to try out for this blog review.

Catecholamines & Exercise

written by runnergirl training

What are catecholamines and how do they relate to exercise? Catecholamines are adrenal gland hormones and are dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and they release catecholamines when an individual is stressed physically or emotionally (MedlinePlus, 2013).

Physiologically epinephrine increases the heart rate and constricts the blood vessels throughout the body (Klabunde, 2013). These actions are required by the body when performing exercise and are what helps get the body in motion.

What, if any, responses to exercise to catecholamines play? For endurance trained individuals there is an increased adrenaline response compared to untrained individuals for high intensity aerobic exercise. This is due to an occurrence termed the sports adrenal medulla (Zouhal, Jacob, Delamarche and Gratas-Delamarche, 2008). Conversely, Kjaer (1998) reported that at a same workload the endurance trained had a lower adrenal response than the untrained participants. However, when presented with non-exercise stimuli the adrenaline response for the endurance trained was higher than the untrained participants. This result is an adaptation of the glands from long term physical conditioning also known as the sports adrenal medulla.

Even though there is a debate in the literature regarding the impact of catecholamines on trained verses untrained individuals it is a topic worth continuing to investigate. They are necessary in the response to exercise and psychological stress for the fight or flight mechanism. In conclusion it would be beneficial to definitively show the adaptation of this system due to the response to physical training.

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Altitude Training Mask Effectiveness

written by runnergirl training

Altitude training masks are a training tool used to increase the body’s adaptations to a hypoxic environment. There is debate over their effectiveness among opinions of practitioners and the general public.

The physiologic adaptations from wearing an altitude training mask at low altitude shows limited results and they are only realized at normal atmosphere not at high altitude (HPRC, 2015). There is minimal carry over of those training adjustments to sports performance or impacting the quality of sleep while at low altitude.

In a widely cited article by Vogt & Hoppeler (2010) indicates research data for V02max (aerobic maximal capacity) and maximal output of power are not significantly improved at low altitude. However, performance has improvements when at high altitude. Dr. Levine of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas (CBS, 2015) notes that the time duration spent wearing an altitude training mask is minimal and not long enough allow for physiological changes to occur.

In conclusion, research supports training at high altitude is the most effective tool to acclimate when living at low altitude. Training would occur at high altitude on location or by using a hypobaric chamber.

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Product Review - New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoes

written by runnergirl training

I personally purchased these shoes and wrote a product review from my experiences.

The New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay is a lightweight neutral cushioned shoes. It offers a new feel compared to the cushioning system of other New Balance shoes. Here are the official details at the New Balance site.

I found them to feel lightweight but still giving stability, cushion and a very smooth heel to toe transition. The mesh upper allows air to pass through the shoes to keep your feet cool. The colors are fun and add a pop of fun color to your run or workout!

I have purchased two pairs of this shoe and have zero complaints. I have run on sidewalks, street pavement, trails and the treadmill without any problems. I highly recommend you give the New Balance Fresh Foam shoes a try!

50+ Names Of Sugar

50 names of sugar sweeteners

written by runnergirl training

Ready to hear something not-so-sweet? There are over 50 names for sugar! Here is a list so you can be informed when reading labels.

1. Sugar
2. High-Fructose Corn Syrup
3. Agave Nectar
4. Beet Sugar
5. Blackstrap Molasses
6. Brown Sugar
7. Buttered Syrup
8. Can Juice Crystals
9. Cane Sugar
10. Caramel
11. Carob Syrup
12. Castor Sugar
13. Coconut Sugar
14. Confectioner’s Sugar
15. Powdered Sugar
16. Date Sugar
17. Demerara Sugar
18. Evaporated Cane Juice
19. Florida Crystals
20. Fruit Juice
21. Fruit Juice Concentrate
22. Golden Sugar
23. Golden Syrup
24. Grape Sugar
25. Honey
26. Icing Sugar
27. Invert Sugar
28. Maple Syrup
29. Molasses
30. Muscovado Sugar
31. Panela Sugar
32. Raw Sugar
33. Refiner’s Syrup
34. Sorghum Syrup
35. Sucanat
36. Treacle Sugar
37. Turbinado Sugar
38. Yellow Sugar
39. Barley Malt
40. Brown Rice Syrup
41. Corn Syrup
42. Corn Syrup Solids
43. Dextrin
44. Diastatic Malt
45. Ethyl Maltol
46. Glucose
47. Glucose Solids
48. Lactose
49. Malt Syrup
50. Maltodextrin
51. Maltose
52. Rice Syrup
53. Dextrose
54. Crystalline Fructose
55. Fructose
56. D-ribose
57. Galactose

3 Women's Nutriton & Sports Performance Tips

womens female nutrition sports running performance gender hormones

written by runnergirl training

Does gender play a role in sports nutrition or running performance? Quite possibly it does & if you are a woman here are 3 ways you can maximize your running performance so your hormones won’t run you! See them below!
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