Product Review - Lululemon Water Bound Hoodie & Sun Blocker Pullover

written by runnergirl training

Lululemon offers a variety of sports performance clothes with UPF 50 sun protection. Two of those items are the Water Bound Hoodie & the Sun Blocker Pullover.

I have used both of these items for various sun soaked activities such as being on a boat, walking all day at an amusement park, hiking & running.  Here’s my perspective of what each has to offer.

The Sun Blocker Pullover has a stretchy feeling material. It is very soft and lightweight. There are thumbholes so your hands are shielded from the sun. It is sweat wicking but I found it took a little while to dry. It is comfortable to wear all day. I am very happy with this top and will continue to use it for activities such as amusement park walking, at the beach, running, & hiking.

The Water Bound Hoodie feels a little like swimwear material. It is lightweight and had the thumbholes. I found it to be quick drying after getting wet from being on a boat or sweat. I will continue to use it for activities in the sun and water such as on a boat or the beach. It really is a great shirt for water activities.

Both items have a hood, which is perfect to keep the sun off your head, neck & face. The UPF gives you confidence to be out in the sun and not worrying about damaging your skin or causing a risk for skin cancer. I highly recommend trying either of these shirts for activities out in the sun. They are the first UPF shirts I have found to be comfortable to wear.

I purchased these items personally and was not asked to write this review or compensated in any way. All opinions expressed are my own from using the items.

Eccentric Training For Runners

hill training squats running legs workout eccentric

written by runnergirl training

Most runners incorporate some type of hill runs in their workout program. Have you ever wondered which is more beneficial running up or down the hill? See below!

Race Report: The Music Run 5k


written by runnergirl training

The Music Run is a 5k race that was held in Dallas, Texas on March 12, 2016. The Music Run plays various styles of music along the course. The specific songs were voted online prior to the race. It was an early evening race and along the course were illuminated markers when the music style changed. I snapped pics on my iPhone while running so please excuse the quality!

This was my first time to run this race, however I have raced many races from 5k’s to marathons. One of my first impressions of the gathering race participants was the young demographic. Everyone primarily seemed in their 20’s. Most races I have raced have a variety of ages from kids to elderly participants.

My next impression of the race was the staggered start. All participants were waiting to run in a race chute but only a certain number were allowed at a time. There were not pacing groups or anyone lined up by pace. It was simply a squishing effect of first come, first serve while approaching the starting line.

The race began and the staggered start allowed waves of runners onto the course. The course itself did not feel well planned. It included uneven pavement parking lots and roads around the fair grounds. As the sun set seeing the road became increasingly difficult. Myself as well as other runners twisted ankles in potholes.

I was unhappy there were not mile markers on the course. At first, I thought the point where each music style changed marked the miles but there were too many of them. A huge pet peeve of mine when racing is to not have mile markers. If you are a runner who wants to track your pace then mile markers are essential. My fitness tracker is notoriously off regarding mileage (thanks, Apple) and running phone apps are not always accurate either.

After twisting an ankle in a pothole, tripping a few other times due to the lack of light on the course and then no mile markers I was in a less than thrilled mood. However in the spirit of enjoying a race I paid for and was half way through, I decided to look for positive aspects about the race. The only thing I could think of was they had several speakers along the course so music was always heard. That was a unique aspect about the race.

I hit the finish line with a decent-for-me 5k time. Another disappointing factor though was that the finish line was not illuminated except for one nearby parking lot light. It would have been nice to have lights on it while runners go around a corner and are looking for it. I was glad I stepped outside of my race comfort zone and tried something new. However, there are far better races in my opinion. Any race is not worth the risk of injury. I will stick to races where safety is a clear priority.

I received zero compensation by The Music Run. My opinions are my own after paying & participating on my own accord.

Nutrition & Food Mistakes

fod nutrition mistakes bad habits

written by runnergirl training

There are always nutrition tweaks that can be made to improve most people’s eating habits. See if you need any of the following eating improvements! See more info below!

Ice Massage

written by runnergirl training

Ice massage is widely used for such injuries as contusions, sprains, strains, bruises fractures and inflammation. It is different than simply placing an ice pack over the affected area. Ice massage uses pressure when applying the ice utilizing massage to manipulate the muscle or tissue.

There are many benefits to using ice massage:
  •  Decreases inflammation and swelling
  •  Helps numb sore tissues
  •  Relieves pain
  •  Decreases damage to tissue

There are a few ways to ice massage. One way is to freeze water in a paper cup and tear the edge to expose the ice. Another way is to use an ice cup such as the CryoCup. I personally find it very easy to use. Since it is reusable it prevents excess waste and cost.

Remember that ice can be damaging so always keep it moving and stop using after no more than 10 minutes. The skin should feel numb and be pink when you stop. Ice massage can be used a few times a day to provide relief from pain and swelling.

Product Review - R8 Massage Roller

written by runnergirl training

The Roll Recovery R8 is an innovative device for foam rolling. The wheels are like that of inline skate wheels and they are on a pressure tension type handle. The R8 is made to roll on upper and lower leg  muscle groups. It includes an instruction guide to target those muscles. Due to its innovative design the R8 has the ability to fit a variety of sizes of individuals without needing any adjustments from one to the next.

I was super impressed with the R8's ability to find muscle knots that I was unaware of in my quadriceps. As a daily user of a foam roller & several other muscle knot massaging tools I was quite surprised to find large sets of knots still present. It has become part of my daily regimen now knowing that it can access knots which are clearly bypassed by other devices.

The R8 applies tension through its handle mechanism. Instead of relying on whatever pressure I can manage to exert on a device to release the knots the R8 has its own built in pressure. As an athlete who chronically has a fair share of muscle knots regardless of time spent foam rolling, deep tissue massages & nutritional changes (increasing potassium intake) I am thrilled to find a way to access & eliminate remaining muscle knots. 

Immediately after using the R8 I can feel the increased range of motion in my muscles and joints. The lack of stiffness in the muscles and joints really impressed me. I didn't realize just how much muscle tension & joint restriction had developed from muscle knots. I highly recommend you try the Roll Recovery R8 at RollRecovery. I think you'll be surprised at the immediate benefits you'll feel.

I purchased the Roll Recovery R8 and the opinions expressed are my own after my personal experience using the R8 roller.

Product Review - Roll Recovery R3 Foot Roller

written by runnergirl training

The Roll Recovery R3 orthopedic foot roller is a wonderful way to massage tired foot muscles & help them to recover. Often I forget that foot muscles need to be foam rolled just like leg muscles! They work constantly and yet are easily overlooked.

The R3's unique design is created to reach different foot muscles. The instruction guide shows exactly which part of the foot is being targeted at each spot on the roller. My feet instantly feel refreshed after using the R3! It's unlike other foot rollers I have tried. I really like the unique design & specific way it targets the muscles.

The R3's surface is easy to wipe clean and it is portable to take wherever you go! I think your feet will gladly thank you for trying it. Mine have zero complaints and it is now part of my daily foam rolling & stretching routine. Try it out at RollRecovery!

I received a Roll Recovery R3 roller at no cost in exchange for my unbiased review. These opinions expressed are my own after my personal experience with the R3 foot roller.

Night Racing Tips

night racing running road safety tips injury prevention

Written by runnergirl training

Racing at night is a whole different experience compared to day races. Night racing includes consideration of factors such as safety, ability to see the contours of the road, judging distance between other runners, etc. Check out these 3 tips below to make your night race a glowing success!

5 Fiber Facts

fiber facts vegetables whole grains

Written by runnergirl training

There is a lot of information out there about fiber. But how to you really know what type, how much or what foods are high fiber? Here are 5 fiber facts.

VO2 Max & Performance

VO2 max running training speed improve

written by runnergirl training

VO2 max is the maximal amount of oxygen that can be used. It is measured in milliliters per kilogram of body weight per minute. This measurement shows an athlete’s aerobic fitness level, or the ability to sustain exercise for a given amount of time. See more below!
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