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Plyometric Program For Sprint Speed

written by runnergirl training

There are a variety of lower body plyometric exercises and they work best in a efficient progression. Using random plyometric exercises haphazardly can result in being undertrained and causing an injury. See more below!

Plyometrics Overview

written by runnergirl training

What are plyometrics and how do they fit into a training program? The use of plyometrics has been used according to Ebben (2001), “as one of the primary tools for developing athletic power and speed.”   Plyometrics are defined by Quinn (2008), “involves high-intensity, explosive muscular contractions that invoke the stretch reflex (stretching the muscle before it contracts so that it contracts with greater force).” 
Ebben (2001) stated, “Plyometrics can be thought of as exercises that train the fast muscle fibers and the nerves that activate them, as well as reflexes, and include a variety of hopping, jumping, and bounding movements, which ideally are organized into a cohesive program.”
Like all aspects of training, plyometrics need to be implemented into a balanced program design. This decreases the risk of injury and efficiently utilizes them to reach training goals. A challenge with plyometrics is according to Ebben (2001), “choosing the correct exercis…

Product Review: Gatorade Fit Prime 01 - Chews

written by runnergirl training

Have you tried the Gatorade Fit Prime 01 chews? They are similar to other electrolyte chews on the market. They deliver sugar and electrolytes in an easy format for during or post workouts.

Running In The Heat

By Runnergirl Training

Running (walking & cycling) in the heat  are activities that most exercise inclined individuals find themselves performing  in the summer. The temperature climbs while exercise hold tightly onto their sometimes too rigid fitness goals. Wise decisions to change time of day and switching to indoor workouts can literally be health and lifesavers.
Latter (2011) illustrated the dichotomy of hydration in the heat, “Drink as many fluids as you can in a marathon….Drink too much water and you could die of hyponatremia.”   “Of all the adversities that runners and marathoners face, heat is the number one offender. This is because it can bring on two conditions that can negatively affect your performance… Overheating and Dehydration” stated Solkin (n.d.).
Hanc (2011) shared, “"Heat can kill you," says William O. Roberts, M.D., medical director for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in St. Paul, Minnesota.” Solkin (n.d.) shared, “Dehydration is the process of…

Exercise Dependence

Written By Runnergirl Training

Exercise is beneficial for a variety of reasons.  Like anything else, exercise is the most beneficial when in moderation and balanced. Read more below.

Product Review: Ironman Hydration Belt

written by runnergirl training

There are various options for hydration on the go. There are belts with bottles and bottles with a strap for the wrist. My personal choice is the Ironman hydration belt, pictured above. It contains 2, 10 ounce bottles & a zippered pouch with an outside mesh pocket. It has worked well in training & racing environments. The pouch is large enough for cell phone, keys, energy bar, etc.

I highly recommend this item!

It is sold at these retailers:


Product Review - Gatorade Fit 02 Perform

Gatorade Fit 02 Perform drink is for hydrating during workouts. Check out the nutritional info here. Light taste & not too sweet, with only 2 grams of sugar.

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