Product Review: Kiefer Powercords

written by runnergirl training

Kiefer asked me to write a product review and provided me with the Kiefer Dryland Powercord.

It is a fantastic, industrial-strength-feeling resistance tubing. It is what I would classify as a high stretch resistance tubing.

It has a loop to attach onto the door knob or hook. This is a great option for changing the intensity and direction of tension.

This a fantastic resistance tubing and very durable. I think people who are looking for a heavy weight resistance tubing would appreciate the quality of it.

I high recommend the Kiefer Dryland Powercord! Try it for yourself!

SportsCompression.Com CEP Compression Sock or Sleeve Blog Giveaway

SportsCompression.Com is having a giveaway on my blog for a sock or sleeve of your choice!

To enter you MUST do the following:

1) LIKE & post that you are entering my giveaway on Facebook page

2) LIKE & post that you are entering my giveaway on my Runnergirl Training Facebook page

The give away winner will be selected & announced on Sunday February 16th. The random number generator here will be used to select the winning number.

Good luck!!

*********UPDATE ************

The random number generator selected the winner: MM Track Club. Congrats!

Nutrition Guidelines - Fruit & Vegetables

nutritional guidelines fruit vegetables

written by runnergirl training

Eating a variety of fruit & vegetables adds vitamins, minerals, fiber and water into your diet. It is best to eat a variety of colors to reap the most benefits of their abilities to strengthen the immune system, help fight off diseases & help control weight. Read further to find out what types offers such benefits! See more below!
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