BSX Athletics Clinic Review

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the RunningETC Endurance Foundations course. It was an informative clinic that introduced a great foundation for understanding the conceptual and scientific basis of endurance training.

If you’re a local area runner, I encourage you to check it out next time it’s offered in the Dallas area this fall. The speakers included were from the the Texas Running Center, University of Houston – Clear Lake, and BSX Athletics.

Coach Joe Boyle from The Texas Running Center focused on the biomechanics of running and the correction of it through microfiber release techniques. He performed a demonstration to illustrate the immediate performance improvements from the techniques.

Dr. Terry Dupler professor at the University of Houston – Clear Lake spoke about the energy systems used during endurance sports such as running and cycling. Also the importance of lactate threshold training was presented through various research data.

Nicole Gould gave some nutritional basics and practical applications for endurance performance.

It was an informative clinic and I highly recommend BSX Athletics training!

Endurance Training Clinic

Join me THIS Saturday, July 20th in Arlington, TX for an endurance training clinic!

USA Track and Field, the Texas Running Center and BSX Athletics have joined forces to create RunningETC, an endurance training curriculum. The introductory Endurance Foundations Course takes place this weekend and I'm going!

It will cover:

  • Applied physiology (methods for understanding, measuring, and driving the adaptations of training)
  • Biomechanics (efficient running form and motor skill development)
  • Sports nutrition

Attendees will participate in interactive  presentations on each topic followed by skills sessions to reinforce what we've learned. By moving beyond the academic and emphasizing real-life application, coaches and athletes will learn the skills critical for taking their performance to the next level.

So... What’s in it for you?
  • A great opportunity to re-visit the foundational techniques and principles that guide endurance training.
  • Interactive presentations along with 'break out' sessions for useful, practical application.
  • A foundation for 3 levels of advanced certification that will provide participants the most advanced skills/knowledge in endurance training.
  • A great opportunity to meet with and connect with local area coaches, runners and medical professionals

Meeting Jeff Galloway

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to meet renown running author & researcher Jeff Galloway.

RunOn Dallas running store hosted a book signing. He is incredibility knowledgeable on a variety of fitness, running, training, program design, nutrition, etc topics. His books can be purchased on his website.

Lots of people asked him their fitness training and he had a definitive, research based answer for each of them. I am very impressed with his extensive knowledge and willingness to share with each individual. And thanks to RunOn for hosting such an inspiring author!

Product Review: Kiefer Powercords

written by runnergirl training

Kiefer asked me to write a product review and provided me with the Kiefer Dryland Powercord.

It is a fantastic, industrial-strength-feeling resistance tubing. It is what I would classify as a high stretch resistance tubing.

It has a loop to attach onto the door knob or hook. This is a great option for changing the intensity and direction of tension.

This a fantastic resistance tubing and very durable. I think people who are looking for a heavy weight resistance tubing would appreciate the quality of it.

I high recommend the Kiefer Dryland Powercord! Try it for yourself!

SportsCompression.Com CEP Compression Sock or Sleeve Blog Giveaway

SportsCompression.Com is having a giveaway on my blog for a sock or sleeve of your choice!

To enter you MUST do the following:

1) LIKE & post that you are entering my giveaway on Facebook page

2) LIKE & post that you are entering my giveaway on my Runnergirl Training Facebook page

The give away winner will be selected & announced on Sunday February 16th. The random number generator here will be used to select the winning number.

Good luck!!

*********UPDATE ************

The random number generator selected the winner: MM Track Club. Congrats!

Nutrition Guidelines - Fruit & Vegetables

nutritional guidelines fruit vegetables

written by runnergirl training

Eating a variety of fruit & vegetables adds vitamins, minerals, fiber and water into your diet. It is best to eat a variety of colors to reap the most benefits of their abilities to strengthen the immune system, help fight off diseases & help control weight. Read further to find out what types offers such benefits! See more below!
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