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5 Foot Care Tips

written by runnergirl training

Runners have feet that take a beating. Here are a few ways to combat common foot problems.

1. Have a proper fitting running shoe. This ensures your feet won't have friction from parts of the shoe irritating them.

2. Replace worn out running shoes. If the midsole is stiff or brittle then it is time for new shoes.

3. Wear clean, dry socks & anti-blister socks. This prevents bacteria and skin irritation.

4. Keep the skin on your feet moisturized with lotion. This adds hydration and prevents the skin from cracking and trapping bacteria.

5. Keep toenails regularly trimmed and if athletes foot develops use an anti-fungal cream.

Remove Performance Clothes Odor

written by runnergirl training

Laundry day can be a real stinker if your performance clothes emerge from the washer with trapped deodorant and sweat odors. As an avid wearer of performance or technical workout clothes I noticed various brands of deodorants resulted in residual odors on my clothing. My regular clothes were less affected but still shirts could smell.
How could this problem be occurring? I am a clean person who showers daily. How could my clothes possibly smell? After switching laundry detergents, brands of deodorant, washing laundry in only cold water and always air drying nothing was still combatting clinging scents of trapped old deodorant. After some time researching online it was clear what I needed to do and that lots of other people have faced this same laundry quandary.
Step one is start wearing a deodorant with no antiperspirant or a low percentage of aluminum. That is the ingredient which helps keep your underarms dry however it is also what binds body odor and de…

When To Replace Running Shoes

written by runnergirl training

When to replace running shoes is something most runners wonder. A good rule of thumb is every 300-500 miles or around 6 months whichever occurs first. Read more below!

Product Review - Sport Suds Detergent

written by runnergirl training

Performance workout clothing functions optimally when washed with detergent that does not leave a residue as left by most common laundry detergents. Sport Suds is a fantastic detergent for sports performance clothing that will not leave a residue of chemicals preventing the garments from being moisture wicking. It also does not leave the chemical residue that often binds sweat odors into the fabric and preventing them from becoming truly clean in the wash. It gets even better; Sport Suds is hypoallergic, free of fragrance, non-toxic and biodegradable. What more could you ask from a detergent? J
I personally have been using Sport Suds on my performance clothes for the past six months. Gone are the annoying deodorant fragrance odors from underarms, the lingering sweat scents after washings and my clothes wick sweat as if they were brand new! I always wash them on cold water, delicate cycle & hang to dry. I purchased mine on Amazon.
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