Apps For Personal Trainers

apps for personal trainers fitness apps phone tablet review

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Are you a personal trainer, nutritionist or fitness professional who has an online and/or in-person business? I have reviewed several of the top apps for personal training that include workouts and nutrition. Some of them offer better or more features than others. A few of the apps are painfully not intuitive or user-friendly. See chart below!

Do Running Surfaces Matter?

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There are a variety of running surfaces and they each have pros and cons. There is not a single best running surface. Mixing up your running surfaces is helpful to prevent injuries. If training for an event make sure the majority of your mileage is on the same type of surface. Also make sure you have the correct type of running shoes for the surface. For example, minimalist shoes might not be the best shoes for trail running. Be sure to gradually transition to a new running surface or shoe type.

Use this guide below to help you be in the know about where your feet decide to tread.

Blueberry Smoothie Popsicles

smoothie popsicles online personal training

written by runnergirl training

Ever try a smoothie popsicle? They are a fun and portable snack for those hot summer days.

Blueberry Smoothie Popsicles:

1.     2 cups of frozen blueberries
2.     1 tablespoon flaxseed
3.     1 banana
4.     1 cup dairy or non-dairy milk

How to make:
1.  Blend together the ingredients
2.  Place into a popsicle mold
3.  Let free for 3+ hours
If vegan, use non-dairy milk.
If low FODMAP, use non-dairy milk, limit to 1 cup blueberries & 1/2 tablespoon flaxseed.

Plyometric Box Jumps

Plyometric Lunge Box Jump Online Personal Training

written by runnergirl training

Plyometric box jumps can be used with fitness steps or steps outside. As always, consult a physician before beginning a fitness program. When starting a plyometric program the box height should be no higher than 24 inches for men and 18 inches for women. If those are too high then focus the training on the ground to build strength and neuromuscular coordination. Later, attempt the box height again after sufficient training has occurred. See below for the workout!

Outdoor Workouts

outdoor workouts exercise outside yoga running fitness wellness

written by runnergirl training

Ever feel like you live in a rat race or in a concrete jungle? A nice way to escape the fast paced life on the hamster wheel is to get outside. Whether is it a walk around the block when checking the mailbox or a 5 mile run, getting outside helps to clear your mind. Often we become boxed in and being in nature reminds and allows us to breathe and relax. See below for some fun ideas!

Fit Snap App Review

fit snap review fitness app review running instagram virtual running club virtual races
fit snap review fitness app review running instagram virtual running club virtual races

written by runnergirl training

This is my second review for the Fit Snap mobile app. I have been using it for 60 days now and it is really one of my favorite apps! I find it fun & engaging when posting on social media sites.

running online personal training fit snap app fit snap review fitness app review running instagram virtual running club virtual races

The unique concept that Fit Snap has captured is the beautiful display of workout information added onto a picture. Lately, in the social media world this app has really become popular. Fitness celebrities and newbies alike are posting their workout stats on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Read my review below!

5 Common Nutrition Post Workout Mistakes

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written by runnergirl training

After your workout it is important to refuel with balanced nutrition. Nutrition is just as important as the right training plan, quality running shoes and adequate sleep. Check out the 5 common post workout nutrition mistakes below!

Event Review: Europa Dallas Bodybuilding Expo

Europa Expo Dallas Entrance

europa dallas bodybuilding expo fitness

written by runnergirl training

This last weekend (June 17-18, 2016) was the Europa Games Expo. It included NPC & IFBB Pro body building, martial arts, wrestling, power lifting and arm wrestling competitions. There was also a large trade show & fitness expo. Check out more pics below!

Interview: Instagram Fitness Coach @KaisaFit

KaisaFit picture workout interview instagram

written by runnergirl training & @KaisaFit

Thank you, Kaisa, for taking time out of your busy schedule to do a quick interview for Runnergirl Training. I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn more about someone who not only inspires me but thousands of other people every day! She has fascinating & unique training videos clips of her workouts. They impressively demonstrate her level of athleticism & passion for fitness. Let’s get started! Read below!

Make Running Easier

make running easier online personal training
photo by me :)

written by runnergirl training

Sometimes you may find beautiful scenery & road stretching out in front of you. But as you go along you may find yourself wondering how to make running easier. There are actually quite a few options to make your body a running machine. See below!

Managing Arthritis

written by runnergirl training

Here are 8 ways to help deal with arthritis. Always consult with your doctor before starting new supplements or activity. See more below!

Product Review: SmartFlexx Foot Stretcher

written by runnergirl training

The SmartFlexx is a foot stretcher by FootSmart. It is helpful for plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis and also for stretching several other muscle groups. It is easy to use; you simply step on it!

I first used it in the morning before and after a run. Immediately, I felt a stretch in my calf, hamstring, and top of foot. Afterward, I noticed a lot of range of motion and less stiffness in those joints and muscles. Now I frequently use it after my workouts as part of my stretching routine. 

Here’s my recommendation on how to target stretching specific muscle groups. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds.

Hamstrings: Point toes up, push hips back & bend forward at hips

Foot muscles: Roll foot forward and backward on the device

Tibialis Anterior & top of foot muscles: Point toes down

Calf muscles: Bend knee and push heel down

Easy to use
Keeps form correct
No skill required

No lateral (side to side) stretching

The SmartFlexx stretcher is effective for increasing range of motion and decreasing muscle tightness. It is quick and easy to use for stretching. It also targets muscles which can be challenging to stretch. It assists you to keep correct stretching form. I highly recommend using the SmartFlexx stretcher as part of your health fitness routine!

I purchased this item on my own and was not asked to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own. I did not receive any compensation for this review.

Long Term Weight Loss Tips

written by runnergirl training

Long term weight loss can be a challenge. Often after a diet ends weight gain often lurks around a corner and it can feel defeating. Here are some tips on ways to achieve long term weight loss.

Featured at New Fitness Gadgets!

My blog is featured at New Fitness Gadgets as one of the 130 best running blogs! I am honored to be included with such amazing other fitness bloggers! Thanks New Fitness Gadgets for the shout out! They are a great website to find the latest in fitness tech products & so much more. Check them out here!

Product Review: Wacces Yoga Wheel

written by runnergirl training

Yoga props help move your body into challenging poses or asanas. One useful prop is the yoga wheel. I purchased and reviewed the 13 inch diameter Wacces yoga wheel for balance and support.

I found it to be excellent for assisting in poses such as headstands, wheel and backbends, hip openers, etc. It was easy to use and the relief from the back stretches was felt immediately. Each time I have used it my back muscle release further to allow my back to conform to the arc of the wheel. Many websites offer instructional guides such as here.



I highly recommend using a yoga wheel to get an increased range of motion in your yoga poses. I was happy with being able to improve my flexibility in the asanas, especially in backbend/wheel and hip openers. The Wacces yoga wheel is fun & effective to use. Let me know if you try it out & your thoughts!

I was not asked to write this review & received no compensation for it. I purchased it myself and all of the opinions expressed are my own.

Bad Habits of Runners

bad habits of runners online personal trainer coach virtual races

written by runnergirl training

Bad lifestyle habits can derail achieving your fitness goals. Eight of the top offenders are listed below so you can avoid them!

The Mid Day Workout

mid day workout office lunch break workout running run

written by runnergirl training

Is it possible to sneak a mid day workout into the workday? Yes, here are a few helpful hints on accomplishing it!
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