Diastasis Recti Help!

Diastasis recti is a separation of the rectus abdominis muscles. It can happen during pregnancy or delivery. It can often leave someone looking pregnant for months or years after delivery.

Through The Fog of Life

Postpartum after baby workouts

Postpartum life is different than any other phase of life that I’ve experienced. Nothing about life seems the same as pre baby. A lot of that is ok....a lot of isn’t ok.

Product Review - Novo Renew

novo renew joint supplement running athletics athletes recovery pain

Novo Renew is an all natural joint rejuvenation supplement made to repair joints, muscles and tendons. Exercise routines can leave the body depleted and that’s why it is important to provide adequate nutrition to allow the body to recover.

Novo Renew works naturally with the body to provide restoration and the ability to optimally recover and function. It decreases the level of inflammation naturally to allow true recovery.

novo renew joint supplement running athletics athletes recovery pain

Ingredients include collagen, vitamin d, bromelain, MSM and rutin among several other beneficial supplements. These work as tools to allow the body to heal and repair the damage from repeated exercise sessions. Once the body has been replenished many fitness factors improve including joint range of motion, muscle flexibility and a decrease in inflammation.

Another unique factor about Novo Renew is how it provides an electron with their antioxidant to remove the metabolic waste that accumulated from exercise. As a result you feel more energetic and able to move with less encumbrances of stiff and painful joints and sore muscles.

Novo Renew provides joint paint relief without the damage of using NSAIDS. They can cause problems to the liver or stomach. Also, if you have a bleeding disorder you should avoid them as well. This is a great way to have pain relief without causing damage to your body.

Personally, I have IBS and am not able to take NSAIDS for pain as it causes severely painful flare ups. I am thrilled to find a supplement that addresses a variety of needs.

novo renew joint supplement running athletics athletes recovery pain

There are a flood of supplement companies and products on the market today. It is daunting to even know where to begin to look to find a supplement to meet your needs.

Novo Renew is a product of Runners Nutrition. They are a small company who is driven to help runners and other athletes have the best quality supplements to fuel and recover their workouts.

It is a relief to find a supplement that helps with joint pain. As an avid runner for 20+ years I have aches and pains that can sometimes hinder my running. I appreciate a supplement that helps keep runners moving in the right direction.

Check it out for yourself with a 40% off and free shipping coupon code of RUNNERGIRL40 at www.novorenew.com. 

I received 2 bottles of Novo Renew in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No other compesation was provided. All statements are my own and from my personal experience.

As always, talk to your doctor before starting any supplements.

I'm Back!

pregnancy running exercise IVF infertility postpartum pre eclampsia

So......it has been a while since my last blog post. I have been quite busy with little things like IVF (infertility treatments to conceive), pregnancy, a move across country, pre-eclampsia, delivery and postpartum health ups and downs.

Thanks to God for His grace to see me through each step of a difficult time. Baby and myself are doing well now and that is what matters!

Disney Cruise Ships Comparison - Disney Dream vs Disney Wonder

Disney cruise ships comparison Disney wonder Disney dream castaway cay 5k race food allergies special diets nutrition family vacation

I have taken 3 Disney cruises up to now and 2 of them went to their private island Castaway Cay that included a 5k race. This vacation is the something I never thought would be possible but am so grateful to be able to work hard to enjoy. :) The second time I visited Castaway Cay was on a Disney cruise out of Port Canaveral. See my review below!

Ways to Increase Hydration

hydrate IBS natural hydration how to increase hydration ways to hydrate exercise running fitness athletes how much water a day

written by runnergirl training

Sometimes it can be a struggle to stay hydrated. When exercising it is really important to have a high fluid intake. Check out the following suggestions on easy ways to increase your hydration!

Safety First...

scene safety running gym personal safety mace self defense women pregnant women protect yourself being alone walking to car safety

written by runnergirl training

It is important to always be safe everywhere you go. Watching out for your personal safety is priority number one. In a busy world it is easy to forget to watch your surroundings.
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