Saturday, June 25, 2016

Outdoor Workouts

yoga fitness exercise outdoor outside online personal training

written by runnergirl training

Ever feel like you live in a rat race or in a concrete jungle? A nice way to escape the fast paced life on the hamster wheel is to get outside. Whether is it a walk around the block when checking the mailbox or a 5 mile run, getting outside helps to clear your mind. Often we become boxed in and being in nature reminds and allows us to breathe and relax.

There are lots of ways to take your indoor workouts outdoors. Yoga is an easy activity to relocate outside. Grab your mat & go! Be inspired to try tree pose while surrounded by beautiful trees!

You can get creative and use your surroundings to build a circuit too. For example, steps to run or climb are an instant gym. A short wall can be used for pushups or step-ups. Be creative & let your brain have fun with it!

It is wonderful to refresh your mind and soul by being in nature and less regimented than the demands of our usual lives. Let yourself unplug and unwind outside!

Contact me if you want to spice up your outdoor workouts with some new ideas!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fit Snap App Review

fit snap app

written by runnergirl training

This is my second review for the Fit Snap mobile app. I have been using it for 60 days now and it is really one of my favorite apps! I find it fun & engaging when posting on social media sites.

running online personal training fit snap app

The unique concept that Fit Snap has captured is the beautiful display of workout information added onto a picture. Lately, in the social media world this app has really become popular. Fitness celebrities and newbies alike are posting their workout stats on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

There is a community that has formed around using Fit Snap. It is easy to find other users by the hashtag #FitSnap on social networks. The app also connects & posts to your Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Other users are interested in liking your picture or commenting simply because of the commonality of using Fit Snap. It’s a fun camaraderie to have others encourage you & vice versa!

When you share a picture you get to visually see that workout and your friends’ workouts too. It gives a glimpse into what their workout entailed (squats in the gym or trail run) or where it took place (marathon in a city or a beach workout). It enriches the shared experience when posting visual details about your workout.

Workout information can be entered manually or from connecting it to your MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Strava & Under Armour accounts. Filters can be applied in app. Also the positioning & style of the workout information can be selected from a variety of layouts. One aspect that I really like is how the entered information changes depending on the layout. For example, in a picture of your feet jumping you can enter the workout stats & select a layout that positions it under your feet & not block the focal point of the picture.

I have found it extremely easy and seamless to navigate. No bugs to be seen as of yet! Fit Snap offers additional filters for purchase in app. I highly recommend you try it out & see how much fun it is snapshotting and sharing your workouts!

 Here is my first review of Fit Snap.

I was not asked to write this review & received no compensation. All opinions expressed are my own from personal experience.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 Common Nutrition Post Workout Mistakes

vegetables nutrition post workout mistakes online personal training

written by runnergirl training

After your workout it is important to refuel with balanced nutrition. Nutrition is just as important as the right training plan, quality running shoes and adequate sleep. Check out 5 common post workout nutrition mistakes.

1. Vegetables are forgotten. Vegetables can be quickly passed by when ravenously reaching into the fridge. However, they boast a lot of nutritional rewards. Vegetables have vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. All are depleted during a workout so remember to add in some vegetables.

2. Using sports drinks to rehydrate. I personally used to be a chronic offender of this mistake. Sports drinks seem so refreshing and replenishing. They are also sneaky with their sugar content and artificial sweeteners, colors & preservatives. Yuck! Your body actually can replenish with water and the post workout meal. Remember to drink water when you are thirsty and make sure your urine is a pale color to know you are well hydrated.

3. Too many fitness goals at once. The nutritional habits of an individual on a weight loss program should look different than that of a muscle gaining or runner increasing speed. Food is fuel and nutritional guidelines are different per the goal. You will have to take in more calories is you are increasing your running speed or distance than if you are trying to lose weight.

4. Waiting to eat too long after a workout. After a workout you should eat within 60 minutes or less. Waiting longer causes blood sugar levels to drop low, mental fogginess & becoming over-hungry and resulting in eating too much. A great idea is to bring a snack in your gym bag so right after working out you can eat.

5. You become a slave to the numbers. If every calorie eaten and burned off is logged, you only eat what is allotted by the preset meal plan & ignore your body saying what it needs you are on the fast track for trouble. I also was a repeat offender of this in my unwise youth! Meal plans, nutrition logs & ignoring the snack attack monster at 10pm all have a place. Just remember to listen to your body. If you are hungry don’t be afraid to eat something healthy. Everything needs to be in moderation and balance.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Event Review: Europa Dallas Bodybuilding Expo

Europa Dallas Expo
Europa Expo Dallas Entrance

written by runnergirl training

This last weekend (June 17-18, 2016) was the Europa Games Expo. It included NPC & IFBB Pro body building, martial arts, wrestling, power lifting and arm wrestling competitions. There was also a large trade show & fitness expo.

Europa Expo Dallas
Expo Floor

I was surprised how crowded the fitness expo was with attendees! It was elbow to elbow while navigating the expo. Several bodybuilding celebrities drew long lines at booths for autographs. The product booths had clothing companies, prepackaged food/supplements, protein shakers, and accessories like sweat-wicking headbands. There seemed to be more booths for food and supplements than other merchandise.

youth kid martial arts europa dallas
Youth Martial Arts

adult martial arts europa dallas
Adult Martial Arts

The youth martial arts events were really fun to watch. Everyone displayed good sportsmanship and effort! The competitions included karate sparring and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The adults martial arts events included no-gi and gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Lots of skill, effort, blood, sweat & tears left on those mats!

Powerlifting Europa Dallas

Bodybuilding Europa Dallas IFBB NPC
Bodybuilding Awards

I watched some of the power lifting and arm wrestling competitions. Everyone gave their best effort & it was fun to watch them compete. I also watched a bit of the bodybuilding competitions and awards. All of the competitors put in so much time and dedication to their sport. 

The athletes' drive and dedication is impressive and shows that their goals certainly are achievable. Much respect to each of those who competed. The Europa Games & Expo was really a fun event for anyone interested in fitness and the included specific sports. 

I was not asked to write this review or compensated in any way. I attended because of personal interest.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Interview: Instagram Fitness Coach @KaisaFit

KaisaFit picture workout interview instagram

written by runnergirl training & @KaisaFit

Thank you, Kaisa, for taking time out of your busy schedule to do a quick interview for Runnergirl Training. I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn more about someone who not only inspires me but thousands of other people every day! She has fascinating & unique training videos clips of her workouts. They impressively demonstrate her level of athleticism & passion for fitness. Let’s get started!

1. What is your athletic background?
Growing up I pretty much played every sport I could get my hands on. In middle school and high school I focused more on soccer and track and field and in college I did track (the heptathlon) at the University of Washington.

2. What are your training/fitness goals?
If I set a goal these days its only performance related. Typically I have mini goals in my head all the time that I’m trying to reach but that doesn’t mean that I dedicate all of my training to attaining them. For example, I really want to do the splits (don’t ask why,  just have always wanted to :) ) so occasionally I’ll incorporate a few extra mobility exercises in to my warm-ups.  But under no circumstances do I set body image goals, I learned a long time ago that, for me, nothing positive comes out of that.

3. What do you use for recovery (foam roll, massage, ice)?
My recovery of choice is good nutrition, hydration and body work! I refuse to say massage because that always sounds like an amazing experience but the guy I see is incredible and incredibly painful :)

4. What is your nutrition program like?
I don’t have any specific program. Just try to eat as healthy as I can and often! I know what’s good for me and what’s not and I try to find a good balance in all of that. If I eat something like processed sugar or wheat I’ll pay for it later so that ends up being a good deterrent :)

5. What’s an obstacle you overcame in your personal life or athletic career?
That’s a huge question :) The most recent obstacle was probably my broken leg last November. I got kicked in a soccer game and it snapped my Fibula. I was devastated for the first couple days but quickly realized that injuries always seem to happen for a reason and I need to take this opportunity to work on other areas of my life. Its so weird saying this now but it really was a blessing in disguise.

6. What are a few of your career goals?
My number one goal is to get the world to move and if you are moving to get you to move a little more :)

7. How do you feel about being an internet celebrity?
HAHAHA! I don’t feel like an interest celebrity so I can’t answer that :)

8. What impact has your Instagram account had on you?
Its definitely had a seriously positive impact on me. Its given me so many opportunities that I honestly never thought were possible. Its hilarious though because most people that know me know I hated all forms of social media because I’m pretty private and never wanted to have people in my business.  In the beginning, posting my workouts on Instagram was simply a form of helping my friends and family out when it came to moving. I just wanted them to get some ideas of things to do on their own.  Obviously my social media has grown to a bit more than just my family and friends but my goal is still the same. I just want people to have a resource to go to when they need ideas of how to move!

9. Who or what inspires you?
My mom, my clients, my social media family. I get so inspired seeing people working on bettering themselves in any way,  shape or form. I have the best job in the world because on a daily basis I get to see people push through barriers, conquer fears and accomplish goals they never thought possible. Its incredible inspiring in all aspects!

10. What motivates you personally or as an athlete?

I’m motivated by the goals I have in my head. I’ve always had incredibly lofty goals (that I mostly keep to myself), but they are what drive me day in and day out to wake up and give that day all that I have. Even as a young athlete I had goals and dreams of being a professional soccer player.  Although that didn’t happen those goals are what got me to where I am today and they are what drive to to continue to work towards all of the other ones that are in my head :) My goals are always changing and million of them always exist in my head :)

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