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Life After A Marathon?

written by runnergirl training 

Is there life after a marathon (or half marathon, etc)? The answer is yes and it takes a bit of planning just like you did to arrive at the starting line.
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DC Talk Jesus Freak Cruise July 2017

This is my review of the DC Talk Jesus Freak Cruise on the MSC Divina on July 11-15, 2017. See below!

Staying Motivated for Running

written by runnergirl training
Three useful motivational techniques for running are creating small goals, changing up the training program & having fun! See more below.

GIVEAWAY - Lumo Run on Instagram

CONTEST TIME!!!!! - I have been using my Lumo Run for a year & love it! It gives impressive stats of my run that other wearables don't offer. After a few running injuries I was searching for a device to help with biomechanics when running. Lumo Run is fantastic for correcting deficiencies in running posture. It's a small device that clips on the back of your waistband. The phone app provides the data showing you how you compare with the standards. It also has audible cues and half mile updates on your progress. Additionally, the app gives exercises to correct each postural deficiency. It's like having a physical therapist running with you & cueing you!

- Ready to win your own Lumo Run? You must do all of the following to enter: Like this postFollow me @runnergirltraining & on InstagramTag a minimum of 3 people, 1 per comment. Each comment counts as an additional entry.- Contest ends this Saturday July 8th, 2017 at 12pm noon Central time!

Blog Award - Naked Nutrition

My blog received a Top Fitness Bloggers award from Naked Nutrition! You can see their list here. I would like to thank Naked Nutrition and all of my readers for making Runnergirl Training a top read fitness blog!

Acceleration Drills for Running

Acceleration is defined as increasing speed over a short period of time. As a runner acceleration is very important. You need it when starting, when picking up the pace throughout and at the end of a race.

Nutrition Changes Through Cooking

Nutrients in food can change when it is exposed to cooking and altered through the light, heat and oxygen. Each of these decreases the nutritional quality of the food.
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