Sockwell Compression Socks Brand Ambassador & Review

sockwell brand ambassador compression socks

Well, a fabulously exciting moment has happened! Sockwell has honored me with their partnership as a brand ambassador. I am thrilled to support a company whose products I use every day and welcome the opportunity to share more about them with others! Read more below!

sockwell compression socks ambassador running online personal trainer

I have been a Sockwell compression sock-wearer for several years. After having tried most major compression sock brands available I found Sockwell. They have amazing compression to help blood return back to the heart. When wearing the socks during and after running, my legs are less fatigued and heavy feeling than regular socks. After being a runner since 1997 my legs appreciate the kindness!

They also help keep legs from swelling during & after workouts/running, when standing or sitting all day and when traveling and flying. I always wear Sockwell compression socks when flying. Just say no to swollen legs & blood clots by slipping on some socks!

sockwell ambassador compression socks running

They also feel great against your skin. The material is so soft and absorbent. You know that nylon feeling of other compression socks? Yeah, you won't find that here! Just a smooth & soothing feeling on your feet. I think they are extremely comfortable to wear! They offer a variety of heights and prints so you're guaranteed to find at least several pairs to love!

After you check them out here let me know what you think!

I have purchased all of my Sockwell socks without discount or incentive. I have written this honest review based on my experiences. I was not asked to write this review.

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