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Product Review: Fit Snap Mobile App

written by runnergirl training

Fit Snap is a fun mobile app that adds an overlay of workout stats to a photo. It is a great visual display of your workout! It also allows you to invite your friends through social media buttons.

It allows linking with fitness accounts, such as Map My Fitness, Run Keeper, Strava & UnderArmour.

There are a variety of overlays with different orientations for the workout stats.

It also offers filters for pictures.

Fit Snap is a popular app on social media for posting workout pictures. I find it motivational & fun to see my workout’s stats on a picture from that day. Have you tried it out for yourself?

I was not asked to write this review or compensated in any way. All view expressed are my own.

Traveling & Workouts

written by runnergirl training 

It can be daunting to keep up with workouts while traveling. You have worked hard for your gains. You don’t want it all wasted due to a change in routine, lack of fitness equipment or a different environment. The following are a few suggestions to keep workouts in your travel plans.

Tensor Fasciae Latae Muscle Pain

written by runnergirl training

The tensor fasciae latae (TFL) muscle can cause pain and problems for runners and cyclists. It attaches to the top and side of the hip bone and runs down to the iliotibial band. It is a muscle group heavily used when running, cycling, sports played on a court, climbing and walking.
The TFL assists in the following movements: Thigh moving forwardAbduction of thigh (away from body)Flexion of hip at thighMedial rotation of thigh (toward body)

Pain that is associated with a TFL muscle injury may include:  Deep outside hip painPain when sittingFront of hip pain

Product Review: CryoCup

written by runnergirl training

The CryoCup is a plastic cup that is freezable and reusable for ice massage. It is a great alternative to paper cups and reduces trash waste and the cost of repeated purchases.
I purchased a set of two CryCups so that one would always be frozen and ready to go! To start, fill the cup with water and freeze. Once frozen, remove the cup portion. Remaining will be a plastic ring that contains the ice. Your hands will not get cold since you are holding the plastic ring!

Pros: Prevents hands from getting coldPrevents dropping ice cubes (you may have tried this method like me!)Prevents excess waste from using paper cups

Cons: There are none

Ice massage is an effective way to reduce pain and inflammation of an injury. Check out my post about ice massage here.
I highly recommend the CryoCup! It has made my frequent ice massaging much easier!

Product Review: Buband

written by runnergirl training

A proper fitting sports bra, with cups to reduce the bouncing and jarring, goes a long way to limit boob bounce. There’s also an innovative band called the Būband (pronounced bōōb band). It is a 3 inch wide band made from moisture wicking material that has hook closures in the back and wraps around the chest to reduce bounce. 

I have used the Būband for running, spinning, outdoor cycling, aerobics and walking.
Pros: Reduces movement Sweat wicking Adjustable Easy on & off

Cons: Can feel restrictive to breathing Can feel uncomfortable to chest & back

My takeaway is the Būband very effectively reduces bounce while exercising. That being said, I tried adjusting its positioning and width (with the hooks in the back) to make it comfortable. However, for me it was still restrictive to breathing and not as comfortable as I had hoped for my chest and back. Perhaps other people have it fit more seamlessly and don’t find it distracting. It is a great product that…

Common Stomach Problems For Runners

written by runnergirl training 

Stomach and gastrointestinal(GI) problems can strike at some of the worst moments. During and after a run or workout being bombarded with stomach cramps or running for the nearest bathroom can really put a damper on things. Let’s examine common culprits and how to avoid them occurring.

Flexible Dieting / IIFYM & Social Media & Nutrition

written by runnergirl training

Life today is saturated with social media’s influence. There are an abundance of social media apps, websites and networks and no shortage of self proclaimed fitness and nutrition gurus. Anyone can post about a new fad diet they are on and include plenty of pics of their before and after transformation and also their meals. Fitness models and average people can appear to have discovered the secrete to weight loss and beautiful body nirvana. A note of caution however, is to check if they have any health/fitness/nutrition credentials and also validate their nutritional approach with accepted nutritional standards.

Product Review: Lululemon Swiftly Shirts

written by runnergirl training

The best running shirts that I have ever found are the Lululemon Swiftly womens shirts. They are in racerback tank, short sleeve t-shirt & long sleeve t-shirt varieties. Swiftlies are soft and made with moisture wicking and anti-stink features.

I love how they prevent you from feeling too hot. So many technical performance shirts seem to hold in the heat. The Swiftlies absorb and release body heat and perspiration. They never give that soggy shirt feeling against your skin! They are lightweight and I absolutely love the anti-stink fabric, known as X-STATIC. That is a must for the sweat drenched workouts I throw at them! I also love how comfortable and figure flattering they are to wear. These shirts are my favorite for workouts and running!

To preserve their technical fabric properties, I wash them in cold water, turned inside out, and in garment bags to prevent snags during laundering. I use Sport Suds laundry detergent, as it is free of harsh che…

Causes Of Hip Pain In Runners

written by runnergirl training
There are a few common causes of hip pain for runners. It is best to identify the problem by seeing a doctor or health professional. See more below!
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