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Product Review: Arctic Zero Ice Cream

written by runnergirl training 

Finding high quality nutrition snacks is a challenge. Whether you are standing on the grocery store isle or in your kitchen at 10pm looking for a snack it is difficult to find something that won't undo all of your hard work. Arctic Zero would like to offer you some delicious & healthy options!

Product Review: Octane Fitness Zero Runner

written by runnergirl training 

This is a quick video of my Octane Fitness Zero Runner, ZR8. It is a zero impact cardio equipment for running. See more below!

Top 5 Reasons To Run Virtual Races

written by runnergirl training

Here are the top 5 reasons to run a virtual race! I have run SO many virtual races and am excited to share this list with you! Join up with our virtual running club & let’s go! 

Product Review: Sockwell Compression Socks

written by runnergirl training

Do you ever have legs that feel heavy, dead or swollen? Maybe during a workout or run they start to feel heavy. Perhaps as the workday goes on your legs start to swell and feel uncomfortable. Even traveling in a car or airplane can make legs swell and ache. See more below!

Giveaway! Miles And Pace Tank

written by runnergirl training 

Time for another giveaway! I've teamed up with Miles And Pace for one of their brand new muscle tanks to give to one of you! It is size medium (see their size chart here). Here's how to enter (below)!

What Are GMO's

written by runnergirl training

What is a GMO? It stands for genetically modified organism and is the process involving DNA of a species being removed and placed into DNA of other plants or animals. It can be called genetic engineering or genetic modification. See below.

Take Performance To Next Level

written by runnergirl training

You’re a fairly regular racer, log a lot of training mileage & try to have good nutrition habits. Maybe you are looking to take your performance to the next level. What are a few keys to precisely dial in your nutrition and performance? See 3 tips below!

The Struggle Bus Virtual Race - 5k, 10k & Half Marathon

written by runnergirl training

The Virtual Race Calendar is proud to offer our own first virtual race! Jump on The Struggle Bus Run and earn your 3rd place medal! Walk, run, swim or bike 5k, 10k or a half marathon. Complete the distance all at once or cumulatively. See more below!

The Struggle Bus Virtual Race

written by runnergirl training

I am hosting a virtual race called The Struggle Bus Run 5k, 10k & half marathon. It benefits Grind For Life,  a charity that financially assists cancer patients. Sponsors include Momentum Jewelry, Arctic Zero, MyoBuddy & Sockwell. See the YouTube ad below!

Product Review: Lumo Run

written by runnergirl training

Lumo Run is a wearable tech device for breaking down the biomechanics of running. It is a small device worn on the back waist and of shorts or pants. The mobile app records mechanics. There are audible prompts to achieve target numbers for cadence, bounce, etc. The Lumo Run app recommends specific exercises to correct running movements. See more below!

I'm Hosting A Virtual Race!! The Struggle Bus Run - 5K, 10K & Half Marathon

written by runnergirl training

I have jumped onto the virtual race bus, pretty literally! I am thrilled to announce my first virtual race to host to benefit a charity! The Struggle Bus Run 5k, 10k and half marathon. It’s December 15-31, 2016! See details below!

Giveaway!! PowerBar Clean Whey Protein Bars

It's time for another giveaway! PowerBar and I have teamed up for a giveaway for their Clean Whey Protein Bars! See below!

Product Review: PowerBar Clean Whey Protein Bars

written by runnergirl training
PowerBar has created new Clean Whey Protein Bars. They have a variety delicious assortment of flavors, all with high quality ingredients. See below!

Race Tapering

written by runnergirl training

The T-word can make many runners shake in their running shoes. Tapering is sometimes a mental and physical challenge for runners. We are adept at pushing ourselves to the limit. The tables turn when it is time to back before a race. See more below!

Giveaway: Cool Knots Shoelaces & WINNER

written by runnergirl training

It’s time for another giveaway! Cool Knots has teamed up with me to offer this fun shoelaces giveaway!

Product Review: Cool Knots Shoelaces

written by runnergirl training

Cool Knots are a no-tie lacing system for shoes. Their unique design allows shoes to not tie to stay on your feet. Any laced pair of shoes can be turned into slip-ons. See more below!

Interview: JI The Prince Of New York

All pictures used with permission from @theprinceofny

written by runnergirl training

JI (eye) The Prince of New York is an extremely talented 15 year old young man from Brooklyn. He was recently on Jermaine Dupri's TV show The Rap Game, season 2. The Prince of NY was kind enough to take a moment from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for his fans. See below!
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