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Hyponatremia is the condition of excessively drinking water. This causes the sodium in the blood to be over diluted. Nerves & muscles are unable to properly function with an electrolyte imbalance and serious health complications may result.

Signs can include dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, confusion, slurred speech, & muscle cramps.
Steps to help recover from hyponatremia include eating salty foods and drinking sports drinks that contain sodium and electrolytes.

Some ways to prevent it from occurring are to drink one cup of water every twenty minutes during exercise, do not drink more water than you are sweating, and use a sports drink for exercising beyond an hour.

4 Speed Drills

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Drills are exercises performed with a specific purpose such as increasing leg turnover or stride length. The following are 4 drills to fine-tune the mechanics of running. Read more below!

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