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Product Review: MyoBuddy Sports Massager

written by runnergirl training

The MyoBuddy is an amazing & effective professional grade sports massager. It has a unique design to target muscle & anoint stiffness & muscle knots and adhesions. Read further below!

Giveaway! HyperGo After Sport Wipes

written by runnergirl training

It's giveaway time! This giveaway is for HyperGo wipes for quickly cleaning up after workouts on the go! See how to enter below!

Product Review: HyperGo After Sports Shower Wipes

written by runnergirl training

How many times after a workout have you wished for a quick & easy way to clean up? Maybe you have to return to work, rush to a meeting or have 10 errands before you can go home & shower. Enter HyperGo wipes! See below!

Race Day Prep - The Final 2 Days

Written by runnergirl training

After months of preparation it is almost race day! The last few days and hours before the race are still important and can have a major impact on your race. The following are a few guidelines for when you are two days prior to the big day. See below!

Cross-Training For Runners

Written by runnergirl training

Cross-training is an excellent way to allow muscle recovery from running and continue to work on fitness. It is a great opportunity to hone other performance skills, prevent injuries & stave off boredom. See more below!

Product Review: Arctic Zero

Written by runnergirl training
Arctic Zero is a fit frozen treat as an ice cream alternative. They offer pints and chocolate dipper bars both in a variety of flavors. Arctic Zero using special ingredients to make their products wholesome. They have several nutritional facets that make them unique. They don’t use any artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. See more below!

Product Review: Bali Body Tanning Oils, Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 15 & BB Cream SPF 15

written by runnergirl training

Bali Body is an Australian based company who makes tanning oils and skin care products that are free of parabens and harsh chemicals. They are plant-derived, seed based oils full of vitamin E, rose hip oil and jojoba and much more! I love that their products are vegan and cruelty-free!
I have previously reviewed the Bali Body Natural Tanning and Body Oil and the Bali Body Cacaco Tanning Oil here. The Natural Tanning and Body Oil is a lightweight moisturizer and will bring a tan when skin is in the sun. The Cacaco Tanning Oil gives an instant light bronze look even without sun exposure. If using them I the sun please remember skin protection with SPF lotion.
I personally choose not to expose my skin to direct sun. In 2013 I lost my mom to melanoma skin cancer. It is very aggressive and does horrible things to the body. I use these products without direct sun exposure, to moisturize, give a light glow to my skin and help my skin to be healthy with a flawless …

Leg Workout with Resistance Band

Resistance Band used is Mark Bell's Grippy Hip Circle

written by runnergirl training

Check out these effective glute exercises! They can be done anywhere and only equipment needed is a resistance band! See more below!

General Nutritional Guidelines

Written by runnergirl training

Nutritional guidelines are excellent starting places to give the parameters for building your nutritional game plan. offers balanced nutrition plans for the general population. See below for the chart.

Dr. Evan Osar - Psoas and Glute Strategies

All pictures taken by me & used with permission by Dr. Evan Osar & staff.

written by runnergirl training

These are my takeaway notes from Dr. Evan Osar at the Dallas Mania SCW Fitness Convention in August 2016. The topic of the lecture was Psoas and Glutes Strategies. He discussed the causes behind psoas and glutes imbalances and injuries related to those muscles. See more below!

Giveaway! Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

written by runnergirl training

Product Review: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

written by runnergirl training

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts are hemp seeds from the hemp plant. They are high in protein, fat & have a mild nutty taste. Their crunchy texture makes them the perfect addition to top salads, shakes/smoothies, cereal and many other dishes.
Hemp hearts are 30% fat and are high in omega-6 & omega-3. They are packed with 25% protein. That is a higher amount of protein compared to other similar food varieties, such as chia seeds. Hemp hearts can be eaten raw or cooked. They are also high in both insoluble and soluble fiber.

They also have a high vitamin & mineral content that includes vitamin E, calcium, zinc, iron & potassium. Another nutritional and health benefit is that they contain an amino acids called arginine. That may help reduce heart disease. Hemp hearts also contain gamma-linolenic acid which can help reduce inflammation & heart disease. The vitamin E content can help soften skin and hair.
Hemp hearts are a complete protein, meanin…

Rest Day Nutrition

written by runnergirl training

Ever wonder what you should eat on rest days from workouts? Basically, you want to follow balanced nutrition each day including rest days. How much you tinker with your recovery day nutrition also relates to your goals. See more below!

Product Review: Beast Sensor

written by runnergirl training

The Beast Sensor is a wearable tech device that measures metrics when lifting weight. It evaluates maximum strength, explosiveness, movement speed & power. See more below!

5 Abs Exercises

written by runnergirl training

Abs workouts can often become stale. Then we just sort of let them slide. Then you may not even recall the last time you worked abs in your usual routine! Never fear, this abs workout will freshen up things! Check out these fun 5 abs exercises! See more below!

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