Product Review: Flexitol

written by runnergirl training

As a runner, I have tried most heel creams on the market. I recently tried Flexitol and love it! It has just the right consistency. Heels, feet, & toes stay soft even during high mileage training.

I also like that it is paraben free.

You can buy it at most drug stores and Wal-Mart.

Hands When Running

Written by Runnergirl Training

Runners tend to hold tension in their upper body as they became fatigued when training or racing. This tension drains energy from being efficiently used.

A simple way to keep the upper body loose is to have the hands relaxed, with thumbs touching the fingers, as if you were holding a cylinder in your hand. 

This will keep the hands from becoming clenched into fists and causing over tense muscle in the arms, neck, & shoulders. 

Running Posture

Written by Runnergirl Training

Running posture

When running, it is important to keep a relaxed and efficient posture. 

Simple cues as a reminder for keeping perfect posture are:

Chest out
Shoulders down & back
Abs in
Contract glutes
Knees in line with toes
Arms driving back, at the sides
Hands unclenched 

Happy running!

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