Product Review - Gaiam Metro Bag

written by runnergirl training

This product review is based on my personal thoughts regarding my purchase of the Gaiam Metro bag. This bag is the perfect size for your gym goings! The exterior has 2 slot pockets which hold a generous amount of stuff (headphone, snack bars, sunglasses, gym card). The interior is roomy enough to hold shoes, clothes & travel size personal care items. On the underneath of the bag there is a bungee strap to hold a yoga mat.

So cute & versatile! I highly recommend this gym bag!

Product Review - Lululemon Run With Me Neck Warmer

written  by runnergirl training

This product review is based on my personal thoughts regarding my purchase of the Lululemon women's Run With Me Neck Warmer Neck Warmer.

This is my first time wearing a neck warmer or athletic type scarf item. I always imagined it would get in the way. But I'm truly impressed with Lululemon's neck warmer! It has a draw cord to help cinch it in place so it doesn't bounce around. I was also pleasantly surprised at how it kept my body heat in but wasn't too hot.

It's lightweight yet really effective! I also like that it's reflective!

Product Review - Lululemon Totally Toasty Ear Warmer

written by runnergirl training

This product review is based on my personal thoughts regarding my purchase of the Lululemon women's Totally Toasty Ear Warmer.

 Every year I try a new headband to cover my ears from the cold & wind. Every year I'm frustrated & disappointed that somehow my ears are sticking out in the freezing cold. This year I decided to try Lululemon's knitted headband. It's fantastic! Not only is it wide & completely covers my ears but true to Lulu's nature it's fashionable!

You can totally wear it out & about and not look post workout disheveled! Yay! A win for fashion & function!

Fed Up - The Movie

written by runnergirl training

I recently watched the movie Fed Up and was both enlightened and surprised to learn about the supersaturation of sugar in the American diet. Yes, we know as a nation Americans consume excessive sugar. But this film shows how it is insidious in our lives and our bodies' reaction to it.

Being so struck by this movie I immediately reduced the sugar in my food choices & ate more meals cooked at home and within a week lost both body weight & percent body fat. I did not change my level of fitness but only made a conscious effort to consume less sugar and eat real food (not processed or from a box) cooked at home.

I encourage you to watch this movie and see if there are changes in your life that you can make to keep your body healthy for many years.

Product Review: Tommie Copper Men's Active Fit Shirt

written by runnergirl training

This is my friend’s review of the Tommie Copper men’s Active Fit short sleeve crew shirt. It was provided to my friend who wore it running, to the gym, hiking and cycling. He reported it to be a comfortable fit without any chafing or restriction of movement. He said the fabric kept him cool while under direct sunlight and quickly wicked away sweat.

This was his first Tommie Copper experience and he is very impressed with the high quality and performance of the product. He recommends it to anyone seeking a performance shirt that really delivers!

Product Review: Tommie Copper Women's Compression Tank

written by runnergirl training

This is my review of the Tommie Copper women’s recovery compression tank top. They provided it to me to review. I wore it to play sports, running, gym activity classes, cycling and hiking. It is an impressive performance shirt! The compression is great not too tight and allows for freedom of movement. It is moisture wicking and keeps your skin dry. The fabric is soft & comfortable!

I have purchased several Tommie Copper products and I highly recommend this item!

New Balance Shoe Series Replacement Chart

These are helpful New Balance chart to show which current shoe series have replaced previous ones.

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