4 Speed Drills

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Drills are exercises performed with a specific purpose such as increasing leg turnover or stride length. The following are 4 drills to fine-tune the mechanics of running. Read more below!

Before beginning a new set of exercises make sure to start slow and increase the speed over time. Only perform them at the start of a workout to ensure the best efforts of your neuromuscular system. Allow several days in between each session.

Quick Feet
Put bodyweight on balls of feet and shuffle forward as quickly. Perform for 20 yards, rest & repeat 3 times.

High Knees
Run in place bringing knees up as high and quickly as possible. Perform for 20 yards, rest & repeat 3 times.

Skip forward for 20 yards. Increase stride length and knee height each repeat. Rest & repeat 3 times.

Hop with both feet together for 10 feet forward then 10 feet backward. Rest and repeat 3 times.

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