Cancelled Marathon?

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written by runnergirl training

Sometimes races get cancelled at the last minute. Perhaps bad weather will affect the race or a personal issue gets in the way of race day. Here are 4 helpful ideas on how to salvage all of that endless time spent training.

1. Register to run another race on the same day.
At least you will be able run and cross a finish line that same day. It may be a different racecourse & distance but at least you accomplished the goal of racing.

2. Run on your own.
Perhaps you can still complete the race distance on your own (or with friends/family). Its another way to put to use all of the months of training.

3. Register for another race in a short period of time away.
Maybe you can find the same race distance in 1-3 weeks away while you are still at your peak of training.

4. Change your plan entirely.

Sometimes plans just don’t fall into place. It is always an option to postpone the race for a while. Sometimes a few months down the road will be more conducive to racing. Training plans are easily modified to allow it.

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