Avoid Locker Room Infections

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written by runnergirl training

Gyms are great breeding grounds for germs to be shared. It is easy to pick them up on exercise equipment, shared air & shower stall floors. I’ll share about the commonly found ones. Also find out how to keep the pick up on the down low. Click below to read more!

Appears as a red, raised & circular rash. Spread by shared contact with personal items such as towels. Avoid it by not sharing towels and other personal care items.

Athletes Foot
Appears as itching, burning & cracked sores on feet. Contaminated towels and wet locker room floors can transfer it. Avoid it by wearing shower shoes and thoroughly washing and drying feet.

Nail Fungus
Appears as yellow and brittle nails. Keeping nails on hands and feet clean and dry helps avoid it. Wearing water shoes in the shower and pool can also prevent it.

Jock Itch
Appears as a red itchy rash around the groin. It is a form of ringworm. Sweaty workout clothes can cause it. Avoid it by wearing clean workout clothes. Changing clothes and showering can also help prevent it.

Tips for reducing infections:
Wash hands while at the gym and again as soon as getting home
Launder gym clothes after each use
Keep shoes clean & aired out after workouts
Sit on towels on gym or shower benches
Wear water shoes in the pool and shower
Wipe down yoga mats before & after use
Wipe down gym equipment before & after use
Talk to your doctor if you have any of the above infections
Keep hands off face, eyes & mouth

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