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50+ Names Of Sugar

50 names of sugar sweeteners

written by runnergirl training

Ready to hear something not-so-sweet? There are over 50 names for sugar! Here is a list so you can be informed when reading labels.

1. Sugar
2. High-Fructose Corn Syrup
3. Agave Nectar
4. Beet Sugar
5. Blackstrap Molasses
6. Brown Sugar
7. Buttered Syrup
8. Can Juice Crystals
9. Cane Sugar
10. Caramel
11. Carob Syrup
12. Castor Sugar
13. Coconut Sugar
14. Confectioner’s Sugar
15. Powdered Sugar
16. Date Sugar
17. Demerara Sugar
18. Evaporated Cane Juice
19. Florida Crystals
20. Fruit Juice
21. Fruit Juice Concentrate
22. Golden Sugar
23. Golden Syrup
24. Grape Sugar
25. Honey
26. Icing Sugar
27. Invert Sugar
28. Maple Syrup
29. Molasses
30. Muscovado Sugar
31. Panela Sugar
32. Raw Sugar
33. Refiner’s Syrup
34. Sorghum Syrup
35. Sucanat
36. Treacle Sugar
37. Turbinado Sugar
38. Yellow Sugar
39. Barley Malt
40. Brown Rice Syrup
41. Corn Syrup
42. Corn Syrup Solids
43. Dextrin
44. Diastatic Malt
45. Ethyl Maltol
46. Glucose
47. Glucose Solids
48. Lactose
49. Malt Syrup
50. Maltodextrin
51. Maltose
52. Rice Syrup
53. Dextrose
54. Crystalline Fructose
55. Fructose
56. D-ribose
57. Galactose


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