How Busy People Don't Skip Workouts

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We are all super busy in life. It is easy to cut short or skip workouts when short on time. In order to reach health and fitness goals it is essential to plan for your workouts in the busy schedule. Check out ways to stay on track to meet your goals!

Accountability by App
An app is great way to not only track your workouts but also engage with others. It can function like a running group at your fingertips. Not feeling motivated to get out there? Checking out everyone else's workouts today may be just the motivation you need.

Check out popular fitness and running hashtags on Twitter & Instagram to connect with other fitness fanatics:


Record Nutrition
Some fitness apps are perfect for keeping track of what you eat & drink. This is key for those with goals of weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance, etc. 

Schedule Workouts
If your workouts are scheduled like an important meeting or doctor appointment it is difficult to skip. If every weekday at 5pm is your run and you treat it as a standing appointment it is easier to mold your schedule around it. 

Plan Ahead
Pack a workout bag & stash it in your car or work desk to always be ready to hit the gym or pavement. Make It convenient as possible for yourself. Include clean up on the go items or shower products so it is easy to bounce right back into your busy schedule. Don't forget to include a post workout snack. 

Join A Group
Running groups and fitness classes at the gym are excellent motivators to keep up with your workouts. If you skip more than one session people are going to wonder what happened. Some positive peer pressure may help you not to ditch!

Use Workouts to Commute or Run Errands
Multitask your workout into your busy day with a commute or taking care of errands. If possible, try running or cycling to/from work. Remember to bring clean up items & a snack! Check off those errands by running or cycling around town. It's a great way to get that workout done and save gas from polluting the environment. It's a win-win!

Include Friends & Family
Including the family into your workout schedule is a great way to get everyone active & spend quality time together! It's also a fun way to catch up with friends. Many fitness friends meet to run, hike, cycle or hit the gym after work. Or if your child has sports practice try running around their sports field to get in some steps while cheering them on!

If you have the motivation to reach your goals you will find ways to stay on track. You may have found what works perfectly for you & are already rocking it!  Sometimes it helps to remember to just keep moving! 

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