Incorporate Races Into Training Programs

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written by runnergirl training

You may want to incorporate races into your training program if you are training for a half, full marathon or even a longer distance. Races are a great way to test your race preparedness both mentally and physically. They can function as speed work, tempo or race pace runs in your program. See more below!

You will modify your training program to accommodate including the shorter races. For example, if you wish to include a 10k race on a weekend omit that week’s most demanding workout. Most likely you will drop the long run or speed work. This will help prevent overtraining and burnout from adding in too many demanding workouts.

The main focus of any training program is to arrive at the race properly conditioned, not injured and prepared for that event. If adding in shorter races is too taxing on your body remember to focus on your goal race and not feel pressured to constantly race.

As always, listen to your body and modify your training schedule to allow for adequate rest and recovery.

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