Reactive Hypoglycemia

By Runnergirl Training

Reactive hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar rapidly drops during a workout, shortly after eating, or random occurrences during routine dietary habits.

Factors involved include timing & type of training, most recent nutrient intake, prior hypoglycemic episodes, hydration level, time of day, stress level, blood pressure level, & individual sensitivity to a drop in glucose.

Ways to prevent reactive hypoglycemia:
- Avoid exercise when you have not eaten within the past 4 hours.
- Eat complex carbohydrates, instead of simple sugars. Example peanut butter & crackers, instead of a cookie.
- During exercise, consume carbohydrates (sports drink, gels, bars, etc).
- If you are overtraining, you have an increased probability to be hypoglycemic.
- Being hypoglycemic, eating, & exercising too soon after being hypoglycemic increases the probability to again become hypoglycemic.

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