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written by runnergirl training provided me with a pair of CEP women’s night run socks. They are an effective and wonderful product!

CEP compression socks provide compression to prevent muscular fatigue and recovery and also prevent post workout cramping and swelling. The night socks also provide additional benefits with the added bright color visibility and reflectiveness. It adds to your safety to have additional visibility when exercising outside, especially at dusk or dawn hours.

I have previously reviewed CEP women’s compression socks. Since the review, I have worn them almost every day for the past year. They are great for running and for being on your feet for many hours (travel, work, etc).

I have worn my CEP compression socks in my most recent races, the Dallas Marathon and the Dallas Turkey Trot 8 mile race. I am generally prone to muscle cramps after long races (such as the marathon) and the socks prevented the cramps in my lower legs. 

I highly recommend the CEP compression socks!

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