Product Review- Proskins Slim Compression Shorts

written by runnergirl training

Proskins supplied me with a pair of Proskins Slim women's compression shorts to review.

The shorts were great to wear! The fabric feels smooth, comfortable and stayed in place. They were not too loose or too tight. They also reduced upper leg muscle fatigue.

I wore them for running and also indoor cycling.

Proskins offers a technology that is unique to their products and offer many benefits They state:

Win the war against cellulite with Proskins SLIM; Compression Wear that works so you don’t have to.  Thanks to Proskin, a cutting edge specialist in the field of high technology fabric and compression wear, women don’t have to look any further beyond Proskin SLIM.  This is the  stuff women’s dreams are made of – workout clothing that tackles cellulite, reduces fluid retention and improves lymphatic drainage while you wear them.

Independent clinical trials have proved that wearing Proskins SLIM regularly can minimize the appearance of cellulite.  The groundbreaking compression fabric of Proskins SLIM is made from a patented micro encapsulated yarn containing Caffeine, Retinol, Aloe Vera, Fatty Acids and Vitamin E.  These five ingredients along with the high tech compression fabric improves the overall appearance of skin by tackling the three major causes of cellulite – blood circulation, fluid retention and lymphatic drainage.
Proskins SLIM can be worn under clothes as long underwear or as part of it's own outfit - pair the leggings with a cute tunic top or sweater.  Also, because of the special wicking in the fabric, you won't sweat while wearing Proskins SLIM - they will keep you warm when cold out and cool when warm out. Additionally Proskins SLIM contains silver which is an anti bacterial, you don't need to wash it after each time you wear it - what more could you ask for from 1 garment?

Give them a try! I think you will love them as much as I do!

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