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written by runnergirl training

Laundry day can be a real stinker if your performance clothes emerge from the washer with trapped deodorant and sweat odors. As an avid wearer of performance or technical workout clothes I noticed various brands of deodorants resulted in residual odors on my clothing. My regular clothes were less affected but still shirts could smell.

How could this problem be occurring? I am a clean person who showers daily. How could my clothes possibly smell? After switching laundry detergents, brands of deodorant, washing laundry in only cold water and always air drying nothing was still combatting clinging scents of trapped old deodorant. After some time researching online it was clear what I needed to do and that lots of other people have faced this same laundry quandary.

Step one is start wearing a deodorant with no antiperspirant or a low percentage of aluminum. That is the ingredient which helps keep your underarms dry however it is also what binds body odor and deodorant scent to the fabric. I found Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant unscented to be great with not sticking to clothes or remaining on fabric after washing. It does not have antiperspirant so if you work up a sweat you will feel your shirt absorbing it. But there will be no gross deodorant smell then or after washing your clothes.

Step two is use white vinegar when doing laundry. It will help lift trapped deodorant and sweat smells from clothes. It can be added to the detergent cycle or rinse cycle. When the clothes emerge from the washer they actually have no smell of deodorant, sweat or even vinegar. I add ¼ cup of diluted white vinegar to the rinse cycle.  Just as an important laundry reminder NEVER use vinegar with bleach!!!!! It is hazardous to your health and creates toxic chlorine gas!!!!!

Step three is wash clothes on cold water and hang dry or air dry (no heat) in the dryer.

Step four, use a natural or fragrance & excess chemical free laundry detergent. See my product review for Sport Suds here!

Who knew small changes could make such a difference with clothes? I have even used white vinegar when washing towels and they have never had that lingering damp towel odor again. Give it a try and see what a difference little changes can make for your laundry!

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