When To Replace Running Shoes

when to replace running shoes online personal training

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When to replace running shoes is something most runners wonder. A good rule of thumb is every 300-500 miles or around 6 months whichever occurs first. Read more below!

There is not an exact number of miles or months because each runner and pair of shoes is different. Some people believe they should be replaced every year. For example, if you run 30 mile weeks that would amount to 1,560 miles a year. That’s more than 3 times the recommended mileage on a running shoe.

Some factors affecting the longevity of the shoe are the weight and size of the runner, structure of the shoe, mileage accumulated & surfaces for running.

Signs your running shoes need to be replaced:
Aches & pains in feet, legs, hips & back
Legs feel stale or heavy after running
Heel is broken down
The outsole is worn down & white midsole material is showing
If the shoes easily twists

Ways to keep track of shoe mileage:Phone apps that allow you to select the shoes worn each day
Write date purchased inside the shoes with a permanent marker
Make a note in your training log/journal when shoes were purchased

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