Foods That Hydrate

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Staying hydrated can be tricky especially in hot or humid weather and when exercising. There are a variety of foods that have a high water content and can help you reach your daily hydration goal.

The follow foods have high water content and are great for keeping hydrated.

How Much Water:

Cantaloupe (1 cup sliced) 6 ounces

Celery (1 cup diced) 3 ounces

Cucumber (1 cup diced) 4 ounces

Strawberries (1 cup sliced) 5 ounces

Tomatoes (1 cup diced) 6 ounces

Watermelon (I cup sliced) 5 ounces

Zucchini (I medium) 6 ounces

Staying hydrated is so important to staying healthy. You should be consuming at least 64 ounces of water a day. It’s easy to keep hydrated throughout the day by adding in some foods that contain a lot of water. They work well as snacks or combine with your favorite meals.

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