5 Fitness Facts

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There is a ton of health and fitness information out there! From the internet, magazines, books, TV, exercise videos & the latest fad seen at the gym. Below are five of the core fitness concepts to get you to your goals.

1. Focus on your goals.
One form of exercise is not inherently better than another. What makes one type of exercise better for you is how well it meets your goals. If you are a soccer player there is not really a need to train like a marathon runner and log excessive miles. If you are a tennis player there is not a need to focus on your 1 RM (repetition max) squat. Focus on exercises that lead you to your goals.

2. Just move.
Just climbing off the couch and going for a walk can add heaps of health benefits to your life. Find ways to move more each day. Park far away from store entrances. Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators. Stand instead of sitting. Carry your own groceries instead of pushing a cart out to the car. Each of these decisions will promote a healthy lifestyle and your body will greatly benefit.

3. Write down what you eat.
The quickest way to find out your nutritional deficiencies is to write down everything your eat and drink. There are many smart phone apps that will tally up your carbohydrates, protein, calories & vitamins for each day. You may be over or under eating even when you thought you were on track.

4. Replace shoes.
Shoes can quickly wear out. Record the date of purchase on the inside of the shoe or in your fitness log/app. Miles can rapidly add up and exercising in worn out shoes is a good way to an injury.


This is one of the most commonly overlooked and neglected aspects of training. Just as the body needs goal specific workouts and balanced nutrition as fuel it also needs downtime. Remember to schedule in non-workout days into your training week. Allow your body to recuperate from all that you throw at it. Resting will also prevent injuries.

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  1. Replacing shoes is so important when you're trying to stay healthy, I personally have added reminders to my calendar so I know to throw away old shoes every 3-4 months depending on the brand.


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