Negative Split Training

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What is a negative split? It is a racing or training technique when the second half is performed faster than the first half. There are a few reasons behind using this practice.

Negative split workouts and races are great for conserving energy so there is gas in the tank at the end. It is a way to train the body and mind to be fast when fatigue would usually be decreasing performance.  Having extra energy on the back half of a workout or race also helps to prevent injuries from fatigue.  A lot of racing is being smart and trusting the training foundation that you have spent weeks or months building.

Reasons to use negative splits when training or racing include:
Allowing the body to gradually warm up to avoid injuries
Be fast at the end of the race without excessive effort

How to train to use negative splits:
Start workouts slower by 10 to 20 seconds slower per mile than race pace
Slowly increase speed during the middle of the workout
Maintain the race pace until the end
Keep in mind:
Adjust your pace for hills, wind or heat
If breathing is a struggle decrease pace until breathing normally
Start slower than you are used to racing

Use a negative split workout at least once in your training week. If you are preparing for a race incorporate them 2-3 times a week. You can use negative splits on speed workouts, tempo runs and short races when training for longer races.

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