Stop Foot & Leg Cramps

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Foot cramps can stop any runner right in their tracks. Check out how to avoid them and how to end them when they strike.

Our feet and legs constantly work to keep us moving throughout our day. Often cramps are signaling that something needs to be addressed. These cramps can be referred to as a charley horse and may suddenly seize up your calf, foot or toe. Foot cramps often occur in the night, after a workout or out of the blue. There are a variety of common reasons they occur. Finding which are the likely culprits will help to eliminate them in the future.

Causes of foot cramps can be:
Shoes laced too tightly
Circulation problems
Electrolyte imbalance (potassium, calcium & magnesium)
Nutritional deficits
Lack of stretching
Overtraining (doing too much, too soon)
Taking diuretics

Ways to prevent foot and leg cramps:
Stretch every day
Use a foot roller
Make sure to eat a well balanced diet
Stay well hydrated
Slowly increase mileage or workout's intensity
Make sure shoes aren’t too tight across the top of feet

If foot and lower leg cramps start here are a few ways to stop them.

Standing calf stretch – Face a wall and step back with the cramped foot or leg. Lean toward the wall and hold for at least 30 seconds.

Apply a heat pack to the cramped area.

Use an ice pack or ice massage to alleviate pain.

Gently massage the cramped muscles.

Wear compression socks (such as Sockwell brand compression socks mentioned at the end of this post) to apply pressure on the muscles

While foot and leg cramps can be terribly painful they aren’t damaging and usually can be prevented. They are an indication that something is off and needs to be corrected. Using the above mentioned techniques they should occur less often.

Socks shown are Sockwell compression socks. I am a Sockwell brand ambassador and here are a few of my reviews for their socks (Pulse review & Knee and Micro height review). Some socks were given to me in exchange for my honest review & some socks I personally purchased. 

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