New Years Resolutions

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It's a new year again! That means you have a brand new start! Now is an excellent time to make those changes that you have been mentally kicking around for a while. Let's tackle a few common ones!

1. Get in shape
There are many ways to say it: get in shape, lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, etc. The main way to get started is to define your goal. For example, if you want to lose weight then decide how much weight is healthy for you to lose. This can start with a simple conversation with a doctor, nutritionist or other health professional. Find a program that you can stick with & get started!

2. Get the family moving more
We are a society of sitters. We sit to eat, work, drive & relax. That's an excessive amount of sitting. It is dangerous to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Decide to stand up and start moving! Be the example for the rest of your family to follow. For example, sign up for a virtual race that supports charity, get in some movement & teach kids how to be active and to give back. My company The Virtual Race Calendar offers several virtual races that support charity! Another effective idea is to wear a fitness tracker to measure your activity each day. Some allow you to add friends and family in a smart phone app to increase motivation! Here is my review on some fitness trackers and heart rate monitors.

3. Eat Healthy
Most people could use some tweaks to their nutritional habits. There are many smart phone apps to help you track your calories and nutritional content of what you are eating. Here is my post on my favorite health and fitness apps. Some general rules are when grocery shopping to try to stick to the perimeter of the store & to limit processed foods (boxed food item such as cereal, cookies, chips, premade meals, canned foods, etc). Replace sodas and juice with water (with carbonation, natural fruit flavor, or add raw fruit or cucumber). Try to dine in at home more and reduce restaurant and fast food trips. That will save you money and calories!

There are a lot of ways to achieve your New Year's resolutions. These are a few quick tips on how to start attacking yours to achieve success! Feel free to reach out on here or social media to let me know how yours are going!

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