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Detraining - Use It Or Lose It

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written by runnergirl training

Detraining is what occurs when you stop exercising and the health and fitness gains diminish. There are a variety of reasons that detraining can happen including a schedule change, travel, sickness, holidays or injuries. Does everyone lose their level of fitness at the same rate? What can be done to prevent it & recover what was lost? Click below to find out!

The more fit you are the slower deconditioning occurs. However, if the body is not challenged and pushed through exercise the old adage applies: move it or lose it. It’s positive to note, fitness research shows that even as little as one workout a week can help maintain certain fitness aspects.

Here are some ways to help maintain your fitness:

Cross Train: Try out different types of exercise. If you have a running injury then try swimming, weight lifting or boxing.

Use Intervals: Using intervals allows you to keep training at a high intensity without having to maintain it for long periods of time. If you have a shoulder injury then try intervals on a recumbent exercise bike.

Rest: If you are recovering from sickness or an injury remember to incorporate rest into your schedule. It is very important for recovering.

Use Circuit Training: Having several exercises that you group together for a workout can really help if time is short. If you have a new schedule and only have 30 minutes a day for exercising then use a total body circuit to make sure to target all major muscle groups in a quick timeframe.

Don’t Give Up: When everything seems to be working against you & your health and fitness goals don’t stop! Find innovative & creative ways to still get up & move!


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