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Selecting The Right Running Shoe

By Runnergirl Training

Selecting the right running shoe for you requires determining several factors.  Some of those factors are foot shape, gait pattern, and podiatric needs.

According to Runner’s World (2004), the way to determine if you have a high, medium, or low arch is to use a foot print test. Stepping in water and then standing on a dry surface will show the height of the arch.

Medium arch feet can wear neutral cushioned shoes.

Low arch feet are also called flat feet.  Generally they overpronate (over turn in).  They need stability or motion control shoes.

High arch feet generally underpronate/supinate (over turn out). They need a neutral cushion with soft midsole shoes.

A gait analysis is a beneficial assessment for determining shoe type.  Running stores and shoe stores where staff fits customers usually provide a gait analysis. There are three phases in the gait cycle: impact heel strike), support (midstance), and propulsion (toe off) (“Running Warehouse,” 2008).  The way your foot proceeds through the phases will help determine the type of shoe that is best for your feet.

Individual preference and podiatric needs will help determine the shape and fit of the shoe. Wide toe box, deep toe box, deep instep, and narrow heel are all specific to the model of the shoe and vary with individual preferences.

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in determining the type of running shoe that is best for you.

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