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6 Benefits Of Protein

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written by runnergirl training

Protein serves a lot of purposes for the body. It is also important to know how much protein to eat each day. Check out these 6 benefits of protein.

6 Benefits of Protein:
Increases muscle mass
Protein is the building block for muscle.

Balances blood sugar levels
Protein will help maintain a balanced blood sugar level with less spikes and drops than simple carbohydrates

Manages weight by filling up:
Eating protein helps you to feel full and not hungry for an extended period of time

Improves mood
Protein assists the function of neurotransmitters that increase positive thoughts

Increases bone density
Amino acids in protein help increase the density of bone

Increases tendon health
Protein adds strength and the ability for tendons to repair

How much protein to eat:
Active adults should eat 0.5 – 0.7 grams per lb of bodyweight. An athlete that weighs 180 lbs should eat 90 - 126 grams of protein a day. If weight loss is the goal, 90 grams could be the daily goal. Conversely, if muscle gain is the goal then 126 grams a day can be the target.

When to eat protein:
Protein can be included in most snacks and meals to promote feeling full and balanced levels of blood sugar. The optimal window for protein nutrient absorption is within an hour following exercising. The body readily absorbs protein immediately following a workout so that is the perfect time for a high protein recovery snack or meal.

Protein has many benefits to the body. It is important to know the right amount to consume based on your specific goals (weight loss, muscle gain, maintaining weight). It is also important to strategically eat protein to give your body the best absorption advantage as possible.


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