Thoughts While Running

By Runnergirl Training

A question that I am often asked is what can you think about while running? What keeps you mentally going for miles?

I find that it is a mental journey. Initially, I start out and mentally sort through the thoughts on the forefront of my mind; what to reply to send on an email, errands to run in the afternoon, etc.

After a while, my mind wanders to bigger thoughts such as long term problems I am mentally working through; what to do to further my career, how I can assist a relative with failing health, etc.

After working past the mental hurdles that seem to hem me in, my mind feels fee to fly. The air seems easy to breathe, my feet feel light, and the miles pass quickly.

Time spent in my running shoes does not solve the world hunger crisis or economic issues. Somehow it enables me to get beyond the thoughts and concerns of everyday life that hold me back from being my best. 

Running helps me be the best version of myself. I am grateful to be a runner!


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