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Written by Runnergirl Training 

Are all running workouts created equal? Does pace, intensity, duration all play a role in helping to achieve goals? The answer is yes.

There is a principle called the FITT principle. It stands for Frequency, Intensity, Type, and Time. All workout programs are constructed upon those factors.

Frequency is how often the workout will occur; let’s say within a training week. For example, a long run should occur one time within a training week.

Intensity is how hard you are working. A speed workout should be 85-90% of maximum effort.

Type is the mode of exercise. Cycling is a type of cross training for a running program.

Time is the duration for a workout. Thirty minutes of hill repeats is an example.

Based upon those principles, a running program should include a weekly long run, speed workout, tempo workout, easy runs, and cross training. Hill repeats and speed workouts can be used on alternate weeks. 

Easy runs or cross training should follow the day after long runs, speed, or hill workouts. Easy runs, cross training, & rest days are used to allow the body to recover from the high intensity or high energy demanding workouts.

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