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New runners can easily feel overwhelmed with diving into the sometimes over complicated world of running. It doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating to start a running program. Whether you are a new runner or have taken a break for a while here are a few helpful hints to get you off to the right step!

The key to success for any workout program is to start with your goals. The reason your goals are important is because they will determine the type of running program you will use. If you are looking for weight loss your program will be different than if you are looking to run a 5k race.

Write down your goals. Find a running program that is specific to those goals. Your goals may change over time so just adjust your workouts to continue to meet those goals. A running coach or personal trainer can help with finding the right running program.

See A Doctor
Before starting any new exercise program it is recommended by fitness and medical professionals to meet with the doctor. They can rule out any potential health problems that may be a hindrance to a new exercise program.

Gear Up
The next step is to visit a running store where they will watch your walking and running gait. This will help you select a running shoe designed for your running style. A quality running shoe is quite essential to prevent injuries.

Technical workout clothes help you feel comfortable during and after workouts. Typically, they will have helpful features like anti-chafing, reflective, moisture wicking, etc.

Which Path To Choose
There are a variety of running surfaces and each have pros and cons. Check out my previous post describing them here.

Eat Up
Remember that food is fuel for your daily activities and runs. Good nutritional habits will go far with keeping you healthy and injury free. It is helpful to speak with a nutritionist or personal trainer about making sure you are meeting the demands of your workouts.

Who will cheer you on toward your goals? Sharing your goals and progress with friends, family & other workout enthusiasts will help keep you accountable and motivated. If your friends know you are trying to lose that last 5 lbs to reach your goal they will encourage you to eat healthy when meeting up to eat. If your family knows you are marathon training they will support your early Saturday morning long runs

Use these tips to keep up your training & you'll reach your goals!

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