Carrageenan & How To Avoid Eating It

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You may or may not have heard about carrageenan but chances are you've eaten it. It's pervasive in many foods & has been linked to health problems. 

Carrageenan is a derivative from red seaweed and has been used since the 1960's. It's a good additive to increase thickness and enrich the flavor. Carrageenan does not contain nutrition. It's natural but not necessarily healthy. People who have GI or stomach problems, IBS and IBD will especially want to avoid carrageenan.

Foods highly likely to contain it include:
Soy milk 
Milk products
Ice cream
Dairy-free alternative milk
Ready made shakes
Food that is frozen

Several problems exist for consuming carrageenan. It causes gut distress including irritation, inflammation, ulcers & even bleeding. Elsewhere in the body it causes inflammation & cancer. It triggers a strong immune response that produces inflammation in the body. Inflammation can lead to other health problems such as inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, allergies & asthma.

It is important to limit or eliminate carrageenan in order to avoid any potential for its related health problems. The first way to reduce or limit consuming it is read labels. Make a note of what products in your kitchen or shopping list already contain it. Next, find suitable alternatives that omit using carrageenan. Below are a few examples of alternative products that are carrageenan-free.

Carrageenan-Free Food: Dairy-Free In Green
Almond Milk - 365 Whole Foods
Almond Milk - O Organics
Almond Milk - Westsoy (organic)
Butter Milk - Organic Valley
Cashew Milk - So Delicious
Cheese Alternative - Dr-Cow 
Chocolate Milk - Organic Valley
Chocolate Milk - Horizon
Chocolate Soymilk - Organic Valley
Coconut Milk - So Delicious 
Coconut Water - Harmless Harvest
Coffee Creamer - Organic Valley
Cottage Cheese - Nancy's
Cottage Cheese - Organic Valley
Cream - Horizon 
Cream - Natural By Nature 
Egg Nog - Horizon
Egg Nog - Organic Valley
Hemp Milk - Hemp Bliss
Ice Cream - Castle Rock Organic Farm
Ice Cream - Crystal Ball Farms
Ice Cream - Strafford Organic Creamery
Ice Cream Non Dairy - 365 Whole Foods
Ice Cream Non Dairy - Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss
Ice Cream Non Dairy - So Delicious (almond milk pints)
Ice Cream Non Dairy - So Delicious (sandwich, almond milk)
Kefir - Butterworks Farm
Kefir - Nancy's
Kefir - Organic Valley
Oat Milk - Pacific Foods
Rice Milk - Kirkland Signature
Rice Milk - Nature's Promise
Sour Cream - 365 Whole Foods
Sour Cream - Wallaby Organic
Soy Milk - Organic Valley
Soy Milk - Twin Oaks
Yogurt - 365 Whole Foods
Yogurt - Horizon
Yogurt - Nancy's
Yogurt - Stonyfield
Yogurt Non Dairy - Nancy's (soy Milk)
Yogurt Non Dairy - So Delicious (coconut milk)

Yogurt Non Dairy - Yoso (soy Milk)

I hope this gives you an idea of the GI, stomach and other problems that can be caused by eating carrageenan. Now you have a grocery food list of products that are carrageenan free!

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