5 Common Exercise Mistakes

written by runnergirl training

Here are 5 common exercise mistakes a lot of people make. Learn some easy ways to avoid them!

1. Doing too much too soon.
It is very easy to increase the intensity too quickly. Whether it is the first day back in the gym after a break or adding miles to a run it is important to use moderation. The guideline is no more than a 10% increase each week. If you are squatting 100 lbs then don’t add more than 10 additional pounds in a week. If you are increasing a 10 mile long run then don’t add more than 1 mile that week.

2. Skipping stretching, flexibility work, icing or core exercises.
Everyone likes to talk about how much they bench press or their weekly running or cycling mileage. The less glamorous facets of fitness tend to be stretching, flexibility, stability or core exercises and icing. When you are young, your body is pretty forgiving about ditching the other components to your workouts. However, it will usually result as an injury or poor exercise mechanics. If you happen to be over 25 years old then the injuries tend to catch up pretty quickly!

3. Having haphazard nutrition.
The old saying goes,"fail to plan or plan to fail." That’s how nutrition works. In order to maximize the success from your workouts & stay healthy balanced nutrition is key. Make sure you are eating an adequate diet & not over or under eating on calories or protein. Consider talking with a nutritionist or registered dietitian to ensue you are eating what your body needs to meet your goals!

4. Ignoring injuries.
Workout warriors often know that all-too-familiar twinge of an ankle, dull ache of a hip or grinding sensation behind the knee. If self-treatment such as RICE (rest, ice, compression & elevation) doesn’t correct the problem and you are still feeling pain after 1-2 weeks it is time to seek medical treatment. A doctor, physical therapist, etc will make sure the injury can be properly assessed & treated. If injuries remain untreated they may never heal properly & can cause your body to compensate & cause more injuries down the road.

5. Workouts & runs never vary in intensity.

What’s the point of varying the intensity within a weekly or monthly training cycle? It allows your body to take a break from using the same muscles in the same way, prevents overtraining injuries & mental staleness (boredom). Create variety in your exercise routine by following the FITT Principle and changing factors such as type of workout or length of time exercising.

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