Benefits of Walking

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written by runnergirl training 

There are many health benefits to a walking program. Walking is great exercise and can be easily incorporated into your existing workout schedule.

Walking is an excellent form of low impact exercise. It is easy to either decrease or increase the level of intensity by changing the speed, adding weights or even walking in a pool. 

There are many health benefits of walking including:

Weight loss
Improves circulation
Decreasing high blood pressure
Increasing bone density & strength
Increasing muscular strength
Improves sleep quality
Increasing balance 
Increasing coordination
Increasing positive moods

To begin a walking program first check with a doctor to make sure you are healthy for exercise. Remember to start slow and a short distance. Increase speed and distance over a period of time. For example, your goal might be to walk around the block once. Break that goal into smaller segments of slowing increasing the distance over a week or two. Find a walking program online or have one designed for you by a personal trainer. There are many health benefits to walking and it is easy to get your friends and family involved with you!

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